FORT BENNING, Ga. - Want to know more about pediatric dentistry or where your BAH goes' Now, finding those answers is as easy as turning on your TV.

Information on those and other topics of concern for those who live and work on post can now be found on Fort Benning TV, which airs on Windjammer cable channel 4.

The 24/7 news and feature channel added Benning Xtra, a program aimed at educating viewers about on-post services like housing, schools, health care and child care.

"I call it the Fort Benning Oprah Show," producer and director Nathan Snook said. "This is a community-focused program. I guarantee you will learn something every time you watch it."

It is a one-on-one question and answer show. A new show will debut every other week. Snook said the station strives to keep the program balanced between entertaining and informational.

Pinnacle community director Bob Chenoweth was featured on Monday. He discussed the distribution of the housing allowance. In coming months, he is scheduled to discuss specials and incentives, as well as maintenance.

Chenoweth said the TV program helps disseminate vital housing information to the community.

"I appreciate the opportunity to be on the show," he said.

Residential Community Initiative military liaison Nina Saeli, whose job is to help resolve housing issues for families, said she used Benning Xtra as another way to introduce herself to the community.

"I just came into this position in October, and only a few people knew the position even existed," she said. "The opportunity assisted me in providing Fort Benning residents with the basic information I felt they needed."

Off post, Fort Benning TV airs on Charter Channel 3, Knology Channel 17 and MediaCom Channel 21. It can also be seen on Columbus Consolidated Government Access Television and on Troy University Television in Alabama.

New segment added to The Benning Report lineup

Benning TV also added an inspired leadership segment to the regularly scheduled news program The Benning Report. The addition will feature Soldiers, civilians, family members and others on post who have positively impacted the community.

"We're looking at those people who really make a difference," Snook said. "We want to highlight those people and showcase their success. We can all benefit from learning how others do things."

The nearly three-minute segment will air once a month.
Snook said individuals are often reluctant to view themselves as inspirational so he welcomes suggestions from the community.

Got a story idea'

Your story idea might make a good subject for the next inspired leadership segment on Benning TV. Call 706-545-7407 to submit your ideas.

Where to find it:
On post - Channel 4
Charter - Channel 3
Knology - Channel 17
MediaCom - Channel 21
Alabama - Troy University Television