Army G-4 Announces the 2023 LTG(R) Arthur J. Gregg Winners

By Kousha Nazari-KangarlooApril 19, 2024

The Army has named three recipients of the 2023 Lieutenant General (Retired) Arthur J. Gregg Sustainment Leadership Award to honor their demonstrated excellence in logistics.

At his retirement in 1981, Lieutenant General (Retired) Gregg was the Army’s highest-ranking minority Soldier. Named for Gregg, the first African American Active-Duty Army officer to reach the rank of Lieutenant General, who completed his Army career as the Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS), G-4, the Gregg award seeks to recognize influential logistics leaders credited with making unparalleled improvement to Army sustainment operations.

Gregg award winners are selected by a panel led by the Army’s DCS, G-4. Like previous winners, this year’s awardees have made exceptional contributions in the logistics field, but their contributions have extended beyond logistics to yield an immense benefit to the Army and the Nation. In evaluating this year’s awardees, the Army changed the rules to form three separate categories for selection. Nominees now can consist of a uniformed Army leader, a Department of the Army civilian employee, and a “legacy honoree,” who served in a Logistics community leadership position.

1) G-3 Sergeant Major Maximo Nunez, 8th Theater Sustainment Command (8th TSC). SGM Nunez epitomizes what a multi-functional logistician NCO is in today’s Army. A master logistician that understands how to employ the functions and capabilities of the Joint Logistics Enterprise (JLEnt) to best support US and Coalition warfighters. While serving as the 8th TSC Support Operations (SPO) Directorate Petroleum Distribution SGM and Materiel Management Branch NCOIC, SGM Nunez supported over 100K warfighters executing operations across the Indo-Pacific theater.

SGM Nunez’s leadership and expertise directly contributed to 8th TSC Fuel and Water Division being selected as the U.S. Army’s Petroleum Staff Operations of the Year. Additionally, he was essential in the execution of Class V Presidential Drawdown Directives distributing over $450M worth of munitions from the INDOPACOM to EUCOM in support of U.S. and allies’ Operations, Activities, and Investments (OAIs).

SGM Nunez was exuberant in the planning, preparation, and activation of the Philippines Joint Theater Distribution Center (JTDC). The establishment of the JTDC directly supports the strengthening of Joint Interior Lines by posturing critical sustainment capabilities within the first island chain, available throughout the spectrum of conflict. SGM Nunez was responsible in the distribution of all Classes of Supply, mortuary affairs support, and aviation/ground maintenance during Operation Pathways, Korea Regionally Aligned Forces Rotations, Maui Wildfire Humanitarian Relief Operations, and the removal of 104M gallons of Class III(B) in support of Joint Task Force Red Hill.

SGM Nunez is an and articulate professional senior NCO. He was hand selected serve as the TSC G-3 SGM. SGM Nunez flawlessly runs day-to-day operations for 8th TSC while synchronizing the 41 Operation Pathways Exercises in FY24.

2) Jeffrey A. Martin (GS-15/Civilian), CASCOM/Fielded Force Integration Directorate, Deputy Director. In his role as Deputy Director of the Fielded Force Integration Directorate, CASCOM, Mr. Martin has consistently demonstrated an exceptional level of service. His vast experience and profound knowledge in strategic logistics have earned him respect and reverence across all levels and branches within the military hierarchy. His unbiased and sound advice on logistics and strategic decisions have been pivotal in guiding key military operations.

Mr. Martin has played a vital role in integrating innovative sustainment programs across the Army’s Doctrine Organization, Training, Materiel, Leader Development, Personnel, Facilities, and Policy (DOTMLPF-P) domains. His involvement in the Total Army Analysis (TAA) cycle and Strategic Portfolio Analysis Review (SPAR) has been instrumental in the force development and design of the Sustainment War-fighting Function.

His foresight and influence in the development of the future logistics systems are shaping the future of Sustainment for the Army of 2030 and 2040. Mr. Martin’s leadership in the Army 2030 sustainment redesign, part of the largest structural change in the Army in over 60 years, showcases his ability to influence and prioritize sustainment in the introduction of new systems.

In summary, Mr. Jeffrey A. Martin’s unparalleled expertise, leadership, and innovative approach in the field of military logistics and sustainment make him an outstanding candidate for the Lieutenant General (Retired) Arthur J. Gregg Leadership Award.

3) General (Retired) Ann E. Dunwoody, United States Army Materiel Command (AMC), Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. General Ann E. Dunwoody without question made remarkable contributions throughout her career in the United States Army. As the first woman to achieve rank of four-star general, her achievements serve as an inspiration and highlight the importance of strong leadership and excellence in the military, more specifically for logistics and sustainment.

As a career trailblazer, Dunwoody had a highly impactful and impressive series of achievements. She became the first woman to command a battalion 82nd Airborne Division and later was appointed as Fort Bragg’s first female general officer where she continually displayed exceptional leadership capabilities and dedication.

Her subsequent command roles at the Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) at Fort Lee, Virginia and her advancement to a three-star rank demonstrated her continued commitment to breaking barriers and paving the way for women in the military. These milestones not only highlight her personal achievements but also the progress and increasing opportunities for women in the armed forces.

Dunwoody’s legacy in transforming Army sustainment is truly remarkable. Her extensive experience and leadership were pivotal in revolutionizing sustainment operations. From the deployment of forces to the intricate process of equipment retrograde. Her contributions during some of the largest operations in the Middle East underscore her strategic vision and operational expertise.

With this incredible list of accomplishments, Dunwoody further showcased her invaluable role in ensuring the logistical backbone of military operations. Coming from a family with such rich history of service further underscores her deep commitment and understanding of the military’s significance and the critical role of sustainment in its success. General Ann E. Dunwoody’s achievements in managing the largest global logistics command in Army history are truly impressive and unmatched.