Fort Campbell Warrior Restaurants Introduce New Meal Prep Program

By Kayla CosbyNovember 14, 2023

Fort Campbell Soldiers have new meal options at the Son Café Warrior Restaurant that will soon be available across the installation. ‘Meal Prep Meals’ and ‘Grab and Go’ are two new options that aim to give Soldiers more flexibility and choice at meal time.

Meal Prep Meals are designed to give Soldiers an easy and convenient, yet nutritious option. These meals are prepared for easy microwave reheating within 72 hours and provide Soldiers with healthy meal options, complete with annotated nutrition information. Currently there are four selections and more to follow as the program expands to other Rakkasan and Strike Warrior Restaurants.

The program is the brainchild of the installation’s Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) program leaders who work to evaluate and enhance Soldiers' proficiency holistically: through mental health; sleep; nutritional intake; physical fitness, and spirituality. The meals feature a range of protein-rich options like orange glazed salmon, honey ginger chicken, BBQ mini meatballs, and chicken fajitas, to cater to nutritional and time management needs for Soldiers who want a healthy meal that’s easy to reheat when they’re ready to eat.

“By creating a clear and deliberate healthy choice for Soldiers, H2F and the Fort Campbell Food Program have expanded meal options for Soldiers while allowing traditional Dining Facilities to continue focusing on modernizing their menus and operations,”said Chief Warrant Officer 3 Erik Iwai, food adviser with 101st Division Sustainment Brigade.

"This initiative is a direct response to the evolving needs and preferences of our Soldiers. We understand the challenges they face in maintaining a healthy diet while balancing demanding schedules.We want to make it easier for our Soldiers to make healthier choices," said Warrant Officer Genesis Jolly, 619 Quartermaster Company food adviser with 101st Division Sustainment Brigade.

Meal card holders can get two Meal Prep Meals per day during the week, and five Meal Prep Meals prior to a weekend: Friday for a regular weekend or Thursday on a four-day weekend. Non-meal card holders can purchase Meal Prep Meals only at Son café from 1130-1300 for $6.85.

The Warrior Restaurants encourage Soldiers to take advantage of this new Meal Prep option that the installation’s nutrition experts hope will represent a positive way to foster health goals. “Soldiers can pick up meals on the day or order in advance, ensuring a quick, healthy, and nutritious option that caters to both meal card holders and non-meal card holders. The program's production at the Son Café ensures accessibility for Soldiers across various units,” said Maj. Christina Deehl H2F dietician for 101st Division Sustainment Brigade.

Son Café Grab and Go is another new option for Son Café diners. Available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Soldiers can choose fresh off the grill items to go.

The Kiosk at Bldg. 3717 will also be operational again soon. With the grand re-opening scheduled for mid November, Soldiers will be able to get fresh, ready-to-go items including sandwiches, salads, and heat-and-go entrée items.

Stay tuned for the Meal Prep program and Grab and Go options to expand to other facilities. Updates will be made available on the Warrior Restaurants web page, on the Fort Campbell Facebook and Instagram social media pages and notifications will be pushed to Soldiers who have downloaded the DG App, available here.