USAICoE CG visits Silent Sentinels Battalion at Goodfellow AFB

By 1st Lt. Lowella DiRamos, 344th Military Intelligence BattalionJanuary 17, 2023

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas — The Commanding General of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence visited the 344th Military Intelligence Battalion to discuss modernization efforts for the expansion of Forward Operating Base Sentinel Jan. 12.

Maj. Gen. Anthony R. Hale, who also serves as the Army’s Chief of the Military Intelligence Corps, accompanied by Command Sgt. Maj. Tammy Everette, USAICoE senior enlisted advisor, kicked off the site visit with a unit leader-led kickball game for physical training and then sat down with Soldiers to discuss student and cadre life in the Silent Sentinel Battalion.

Hale said it was important to mold and teach the future of the Army and encourage Soldiers to not be afraid to ask questions, stay motivated and always be willing to learn.

Hale also visited Sentinel Forward Operating Base (FOB) to learn about the modernization efforts that are underway.

While there, he was briefed by Brian Lemaster, the FOB Supervisory Training Instructor; Col. Matthew Reilman, 17th Training Wing Commander; and the chief instructors for the 344th MI BN Battalion, Chief Warrant Officer 5 James O’Neil, Alpha Company; Chief Warrant Officer 4 Andrew Johnson, Bravo Company; and Chief Warrant Officer 2 David Joseph, Charlie Company.

During the discussion, Reilman shared that plans to expand the FOB will further training opportunities and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) products for joint services, which will meet modernization efforts.

“Soldiers need to know and understand how to utilize their SIGINT capabilities with other joint services and vice versa,” Hale said. “This expansion is a great example of positively molding the next generation of SIGINTERS and the future of the Army."

Hale said that it was important to plan five to 10 years in the future to ensure Soldiers know how to grow and adapt with the constantly changing environment, whether that be on the battlefield, with the equipment, or even how our adversaries prepare or execute battle.

“We must always stay one step ahead,” he said.

Before Hale left Goodfellow AFB, he recognized Soldiers within 344th MI BN for their professionalism, selfless service, and dedication to mission success. Soldiers awarded varied from instructors, drill sergeants, battalion staff and company leadership.