Fort Hood Residents Recycle Responsibly Program
The R3P is a recycling initiative that was launched by the Fort Hood Directorate of Public Works and the Fort Hood Family Housing. This allows families living in on-post housing to put their recyclables into a 96-gallon recycle container without having to sort items. (Photo Credit: Eric Franklin, Fort Hood Public Affairs) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT HOOD, Texas - Fort Hood Family Housing is making curbside recycling easy and convenient for residents here across post with the Fort Hood Residents Recycle Responsibly Program, the R3P started Sept. 27, which provides biweekly pick at homes in family housing.

“It feels very good to have the program up and going again,” Jack Fullerton president of Resident Advisory Board and resident to Pershing Park. “I like to be able to recycle and it helps the military community not just the environment.”

This program has more than 500 residents signed up, and it focuses on the ease residents have by having a single-stream program while maintaining that contaminants are kept out of the blue recycle bin more than 280 blue bins were provided by Fort Hood Family Housing across the installation. The blue recycling bins come with a sticker illustrating what can and cannot be recycled. The stickers include everyday items such as paper, cardboard, and aluminum cans so residents can see at a glance what can and can’t go in, Timi Dutchuk, chief of environmental programs, Directorate of Public Works, said.

“The residents sign a pledge saying that they will do it correctly and responsibly,” Dutchuk explained.

Through a partnership between DPW and Fort Hood Family Housing, residents now have a 96-gallon recycle bin for use in their housing areas.

Seven years ago, Fort Hood Recycle upgraded its system to convert it to a single stream recycling facility, helping to streamline and simplify the

process. Since then, Soldiers and their families can easily place their recyclables in a single container, but contamination challenges have also increased. Despite these challenges, Fort Hood remains committed to operating a successful single-stream recycling program that helps reduce waste and protect the environment, Dutchuk explained.

Fullerton says with the return of the recycling program it helps citizens help their community.

“It is very important to my family and myself to have the R3P recycle program,” Fullerton said. “It lets us be responsible citizens, and the funds it brings go to help the community and service members.”