25th Infantry Division Artillery Change of Command

By 1st Lt. David BlockJuly 20, 2022

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SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - The 25th Infantry Division Artillery, 25th Infantry Division Commander Col. Bryan Schott relinquished command of the “Tropic Thunder” artillery Brigade to Col. Joseph Katz during a change of command ceremony at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, June 24, 2022.

Schott has been in command since the Summer of 2020, leading the “Tropic Thunder” 25th DIVARTY through a busy training schedule that included multiple Combined-Training-Center rotations, like the Joint Readiness Training Center in Fort Polk, Louisiana and Joint Pacific Mission Readiness Center on Oahu, as well as various Pacific Pathways missions like Yama Sakura in Japan and Garuda Shield in Indonesia.

Recently, Schott spent time reflecting upon the connections he made during his command, “to the division senior staff, past and present, thank you very much, I couldn’t have done this without your guidance and mentorship”. Schott then went on to speak about what he felt really mattered during his time.

“It’s not just about training to be the best in field artillery, this is about support, enduring relationships, and preparing for our future fight”, said Schott.

Katz then took the stand, embracing his new role and thanking Schott for “making DIVARTY what it is today”. Katz went on to make a commitment to his new Soldiers by saying, “we will be relentless in our training, we will be dedicated professionals, defending our nation against those that wish to do it harm.”

Maj Gen. Joseph Ryan, the 25th Infantry Division Commander, lauded Schott for a job well done.

“This training and readiness is what every commander wants to be known for, but it’s also the individuals, the soldiers, and the Light Fighters that are the focus of all of that training and nobody did that better these past two years than Bryan Schott”, Ryan said.

Attention was then turned towards the future when Ryan welcomed incoming Thunder 6.

“Col Katz and his wife Heather are of course a welcome addition to the 25th Infantry Division, getting ahead of the game here Joe has already jumped in with both feet ready to take command because that's how serious he takes his job.”

Katz’s command will with no doubt be an eventful one, with plans in place for various CTC and Pacific Pathways rotations. There is no doubt Katz will make a resounding impact across the Indo-Pacific area of responsibility.