Senior Commander's Holiday Safety Message

By Vannessa JoseyJune 29, 2022

Natick Teammates,

This weekend is a festive time when Americans across our country and abroad will celebrate with Family and friends to rejoice in our freedom. While we are celebrating, let us remember those who are deployed around the world defending our nation and upholding the principles of freedom and peace for all.

Some of the hazards associated with the season include adverse weather conditions, increased traffic and travel, and large gatherings. We can minimize incidents by actively planning ways to reduce unnecessary risks. Leaders remain engaged in planning for the upcoming holiday weekend to ensure our teammates' safety.

Whether you engage in boating, fishing, playing sports, doing yardwork, or cleaning out your garage, do it safely. When around water, wear a life jacket, and wear sunscreen. Never drink alcohol or consume any medication that can impair you while driving, boating, operating any machinery or especially when you are accountable for others.

Take extra time to take a buddy during these critical days of summer and use good judgement to ensure you and all who are around you remain safe.

We can substantially reduce risk to ourselves and property by exercising vigilance, maintaining situational awareness, and reporting suspicious activity and behavior. Enjoy this long weekend safely.

Army Safe is Army Strong!

People First! Winning Matters!

Winning Together Matters More!


“Prometheus 6”

Brigadier General, USA