Editor's Note: This article was originally published December, 2020.


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — USAG Bavaria post offices are now coordinating with sponsors of quarantined and isolated personnel to assist them with mail delivery. Starting immediately, affected personnel can begin the electronic authorization process.

“With Christmas two weeks away it is imperative to ensure we are getting these individuals and families their mail, specifically their parcels,” said Jaye Bakalars, postmaster of the USAG Bavaria USPS. “The pandemic has been hard on everyone. The ones going in quarantine during the holidays is even more disconcerting. We need to save Christmas with our efforts.”

People who are quarantined and isolated should not conduct business at the postal facility under any circumstance. This is to ensure protection of postal personnel and remain incompliance with medical and legal requirements.

How to request mail delivery: 

Date of authorization for mail pick-up

  • Designated agent’s name authorized “to receipt for ‘all mail'”

Important Notes: The designated agent must have military postal service privileges. The post office will retain the e-mail authorization request for a minimum of 60 days. When delivering special service mail, a copy of the e-mail with delivery record will be attached.

  • 2) The designated agent should never physically hand mail to affected personnel. Instead, mail must be placed in a location outside of the quarantined or isolated location. This location must:
    Be in an area where the affected personnel can later retrieve the mail without contaminating others 
  • Maintain the security of the mail

According to post office policy, outbound postal items will not be accepted from personnel who are in a quarantined or isolation status. Nor will items be accepted from any third party acting on their behalf. This prevents contamination to people authorized to deliver mail and USPS facilities. 
Should affected personnel forego the option of mail delivery authorization, the USPS will hold their mail until they are released from quarantine or isolation. According to Bakalars, this is the preferred method.

Post office facility supervisors will ensure that patrons are aware of acceptance and delivery procedures for affected personnel, he added. These employees are tasked to enforce that appropriate actions are taken to protect postal personnel and facilities from contamination.