AMCOM hosts memorial ceremony to honor employees who have passed

By Katherine BelcherJune 21, 2022

(Photo Credit: Belcher, Katherine J CIV AMCOM CMD GRP) VIEW ORIGINAL

Maj. Gen. Todd Royar, commanding general for the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command, hosted a remembrance ceremony May 31, 2022, to remember and honor employees who have passed.

The ceremony took place in the Bob Jones Auditorium in the John J. Sparkman Center on Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, and included representatives from the Aviation Center Logistics Command, Corpus Christi Army Depot, Letterkenny Army Depot, AMCOM Logistics Center, the U.S. Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Activity and AMCOM Security Assistance Management Directorate.

“Yesterday we celebrated Memorial Day and Memorial Day is designed to honor those men and women in uniform that have passed,” said Royar. “But we also recognize that our command is different than most. We have a large number of civilians and contractors that work inside our formation.

“Two years ago, at the height of the pandemic, we decided we needed to make sure we honor them, just as we honor those in uniform that have passed, because they served and they served honorably -- and we want to recognize them today.”

Royar spoke about the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the number of employees lost, hoping this year’s ceremony would honor a shorter list of names.

“It does not make a difference of what the number is,” said Royar. “Every individual is important. Every individual has a family. Every individual deserves to have their memory honored. Whether that number is one or many, it makes a difference each and every time.”

Friends and co-workers of those being honored spoke briefly about each employee and their impact to their respective units, AMCOM and the U.S. Army. The photos used during the ceremony will be added to the AMCOM Remembers display, which is just outside the Bob Jones Auditorium.

Employees who were honored during today’s ceremony include the following:

Corpus Christi Army Depot

  • Brian Burlingame
  • Frankie Collins
  • Galdino Dalton
  • Dustin Jay Guzman
  • Eaul Allen Lewis, Jr.
  • Daniel Martinez
  • Pablo A. Martinez
  • Joe A. Moreno
  • Brian D. Robbins
  • Daniel Vela

Letterkenny Army Depot

  • Tina M. Miller
  • Richard A. Morris
  • David Parsons
  • Tom C. Perry
  • Steven Schaffer
  • Cory L. Stenger
  • Bradley Stoner
  • Michael J. Sutton
  • Clem D. Wagaman
  • Derek Lee Weller

AMCOM Logistics Center

  • Garland Brown
  • Gary W. Chin
  • Byron S. Ferguson
  • Matthew K. Locklear
  • Michael R. Thompson

Aviation Center Logistics Command

  • Joey W. Bamberger
  • Douglas Brackin
  • Ronald Brown
  • Ricky Fiore
  • Scott Foster
  • Lawrence Hagler
  • Barry Hart
  • Phillip Herman
  • Joshua Jones
  • Danny Niver
  • Chad Norris
  • Jessie Peters
  • Steven Rawls
  • Bobby Shaw
  • Aaron L. Shirah
  • Ronald Stepp
  • Terry Tolbert
  • Randy Williams
  • Anthony Williams

Security Assistance Management Directorate

  • Melissa A. McWhorter

U.S. Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Activity

  • Steven March
  • David A. Schaeffer
  • Paulo Murise Young