A Message from the Senior Commander - Summer Safety

By NSSC Public AffairsMay 17, 2022

Natick Teammates,

The summer months are fast approaching, when we all look forward to time away for recreation and relaxation. Summer is also traditionally the military’s deadliest time of year for accidents and mishaps. Prioritizing safety is critical to having a good time.

The 100 critical days of summer begins on Memorial Day weekend and ends after Labor Day. Collectively, this is one of the largest vacation opportunities of the year and many will take advantage of some well-deserved time off. As the days are warmer, more people will be out swimming, boating, and visiting family and friends. Summer is also a time of celebration, recreation, staying awake long hours, and driving more miles than your body has the energy, all of which lead to a higher chance of off duty injuries and fatalities.

The preponderance of these injuries and fatalities results from private motor vehicle and water sport mishaps. Through simple risk identification and mitigation, such as responsible use of alcohol, proper sleep, driving without distraction, and having a plan in place for emergencies, these incidents can be avoided - reducing injuries and saving lives. This summer especially requires reestablishing routine vigilance to hazards and recognizing that old routines that kept us safe may need to be relearned. Consider hazards and take extra time to plan for safety this summer.

To help service members, Civilian employees, and Family members mitigate risk during the spring and summer seasons, the Army has released its Spring/Summer Safety campaign: https://safety.army.mil/MEDIA/Seasonal-Safety-Campaigns/Spring-Summer-Safety-2022. This site provides statistics, contributing factors, prevention tips, and other relevant information including a new page dedicated to mitigating off-duty mishaps.

Please exercise good judgment this summer season to ensure you and your loved ones, colleagues, and friends remain safe. Continue to look out for one another and emphasize safety as the number one priority both on and off duty. Thank you for all you do every day for one another and for the Warfighter. Have a fun and relaxing summer and while away from the office - remember Safety First!

Army Safe is Army Strong!

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Brigadier General

USA  Commanding

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