Samantha Capehart, military spouse, speaks with Holly Nusom, employment services counselor, Aug 18 at the Spouse Employment Center. The Spouse Employment Center, located at 5662 Screaming Eagle Blvd. is designed to help military spouses seek employment.
Samantha Capehart, military spouse, speaks with Holly Nusom, employment services counselor, Aug 18 at the Spouse Employment Center. The Spouse Employment Center, located at 5662 Screaming Eagle Blvd. is designed to help military spouses seek employment. (Photo Credit: Sirena Clark) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. – Moving to a new installation after a PCS and trying to continue or start a new career can seem like an intimidating and overwhelming task. For military spouses arriving at Fort Campbell however, there are abundant employment opportunities and benefits that are available to them.

Fort Campbell is uniquely equipped to assist spouses because it is one of the only Army installations that has a center specifically designated to help meet the specific needs of spouses. The Spouse Employment Center offers military spouses guidance or assistance in seeking employment. Spouses can use their services to connect with the numerous agencies at Fort Campbell that work hard to accommodate their needs.

Spouse Employment Center

Holly Nusom, employment services counselor, hopes spouses will consider stopping by the Spouse Employment Center, 5662 Screaming Eagle Blvd., if they’re struggling to find a job or aren’t sure where to start.

“The Spouse Employment Center offers one-on-one assistance to help with resume development and review, job search support, and referrals to programs and resources,” Nusom said.

“We also offer workshops [for federal resume writing], plan hiring fairs and host employers in our center. Counselors can serve as guides to help spouses identify a career path and can be an accountability partner for those who may want extra encouragement or support to stay on track,” Nusom said.

Staff at the Spouse Employment Center are familiar with the agencies at Fort Campbell and are prepared to assist spouses in identifying and applying to jobs that best suit each spouses’ unique needs, Nusom said.

“Counselors are aware of job search websites and techniques to help spouses target their job search, examine a job announcement and tailor a resume to showcase how their skills and experience align with a specific job opening,” she said. “Our center has also developed relationships with many local employers who want to hire from our community.”

The Spouse Employment Center also has identified solutions to common barriers to employment such as lack of education or skills, child care needs and limited work experience.

Spouses who have questions or concerns about gaining employment should consider making an appointment with the center so staff can learn about their desired career fields and perceived roadblocks to employment, Nusom said.

For an appointment call, 270-412-1720, 270-798-0593 or 270-798-0249 to connect with employment services counselors. Call 270-798-4412 for federal employment support, and consider following the Spouse Employment Center on Facebook for updates at

Army & Air Force Exchange Services

Kimberly Leipheimer, recruiting manager with Army & Air Force Exchange Service is a military spouse of 26 years and knows the stress a PCS can put on a spouse.

“I understand how challenging it can be to move and switch jobs every two to three years,” Leipheimer said.

AAFES has assistance available to spouses who are looking for job security.

“The Exchange offers two programs for associates who are moving with their spouses on PCS orders,” Leipheimer said. “The Associate Transfer Program and the Spouse Employment Continuity Program. For military spouses who are not currently working for us we also offer military spouse preference in hiring.”

There also are job opportunities available to spouses who are not yet employed by AAFES. The Fort Campbell Exchange Service is currently accepting applications for the following hourly positions: Customer Experience Associate, Roving Store Worker, Customer Contact Assistant, Food Service Worker and Laborer. Additionally, Fort Campbell AAFES is offering a $600 signing bonus for an hourly Food Service Foreman. Those interested in jobs at AAFES here at Fort Campbell can search for them at

Morale, Welfare and Recreation

Myrna Wells, human resources, said she hopes spouses will consider MWR when looking for employment at Fort Campbell because they are an important part of the workforce.

“Military spouses are a valuable asset as they possess a personal understanding of the meaning of military, Family and Soldier support, and they are an integral part of the military community,” Well said.

Wells said the Civilian Employment Assignment Tool, or CEAT, is a wonderful tool for spouses adding that working for MWR allows for more job security when transitioning to a different installation in the future.

CEAT was “originally developed for child care positions and later extended to non-child care positions, which provides the opportunity for current employees, mostly spouses utilize it, to transfer to another installation non-competitively as long as they meet the criteria laid out on the policy memorandum,” Wells said.

Here at Fort Campbell, MWR is hiring. Fort Campbell MWR is currently accepting applications via for the following positions: Child and Youth Program Assistant, Recreation Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Custodial Worker, Cook, Bowling Equipment Worker and Motor Vehicle Operator. To apply, search for job opportunities at, agency hiring events and by contacting the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, or CPAC, at 270-956-2285.

Campbell Crossing

Karsten Haake, project director at Campbell Crossing, said his organization values military spouses and the experience they bring.

“Military spouses bring firsthand experience and a unique perspective as they understand the military lifestyle,” Haake said. “From deployments, frequent moves and more, they can relate to the many challenges faced and help make a resident feel understood and heard.”

Positions spouses perform well in include community management teams, leasing, maintenance, marketing, accounting and others. Campbell Crossing is currently accepting applications for a receptionist, a resident services coordinator, and a variety of general maintenance positions. To see more openings at Campbell Crossing, visit

Department of Defense Education Activity

Leslie McNair, supervisory human resources specialist, said military spouses are a great fit for jobs at the Department of Defense Education Activity.

“Military spouses are a great asset for DoDEA schools because they understand the military culture,” McNair said. “Aside from all the normal challenges that children face, DoDEA students have the bonus challenges from moving or having a parent deployed, and a military spouse understands those challenges.”

Due to the pandemic, DODEA is especially seeking substitute teachers to assist with the learning environment, McNair said.

For certified educators (teachers, guidance counselors, school nurse, speech pathologist, physical therapist) who are interested, they can apply through the Employment Application System, or EAS, at For all other support staff type positions, advertisements are posted on USAJOBS at