FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. – The Fort Campbell community can stay connected and informed using a single new resource.The Digital Garrison app puts information about Fort Campbell services and events at smartphone users’ fingertips, said Bob Jenkins, director of Fort Campbell Public Affairs.“It can make life on the installation much easier,” Jenkins said.The app is a one-stop shop to get information about the installation without having to check multiple social media platforms or websites.Everything from gate hours and traffic alerts to facility hours and weather alerts is updated on the app daily.“When Soldiers are deployed, it can help give them a degree of comfort knowing their Families are connected and taken care of here on the installation,” Jenkins said. “We encourage everyone to download and use it.”While the app’s primary customers are Soldiers and Families, its capabilities are useful to civilians, veterans, retirees, community partners and the general public.The Digital Garrison app is free and available to anyone for download at the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android. Once the app is downloaded, users will be prompted to create an account. By selecting Fort Campbell as the location of choice, users will have all of the installation’s information available instantly.“Anything that impacts the installation as a whole is put on the app,” said Nondice L. Thurman, Fort Campbell Public Affairs Office social media manager and webmaster. “We’re able to update very quickly.”Push notifications provide real-time updates about important information like severe weather and sudden gate closures.To get push notifications, users must manually turn it on within the app under the user’s account settings tab, in the communication preferences queue.For nonemergent updates and announcements, users can click on “Installation Information” on the app’s home page and then on the announcements link.The app provides users with contact information and office hours for services like the ID card and Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, or DEERS, section in the Soldier Support Center. Users also can find information about the Exchange, access to, on-post restaurants and Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation services including changes to physical fitness centers operations.“The Fort Campbell MWR Facebook page and the Digital Garrison app are the two places you’ll be able to find out if we close a PFC,” said Caite Kendrick, chief of the Community Recreation Division, Fort Campbell Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation.The Digital Garrison app has been very useful to MWR in disseminating information quickly, said Kendrick, who encourages everyone to try the app.In addition to updates for PFC operations, all MWR information including events and facility hours are updated on the app.You can set it up to alert you and you can get information very timely,” Kendrick said. “It’s definitely going to become an even more important resource as we move forward.”In the event of an access control point, or gate closure, the Digital Garrison app will provide quick alerts to users.“We try to get information out in as many avenues as we can,” said James Brown, chief of Fort Campbell Physical Security. “We usually put it out on the Digital Garrison app, the Fort Campbell Facebook page, and we also update signs outside the gate and along 41A [Fort Campbell Blvd].”Some gates typically have scheduled closures during holidays or days of not scheduled activities, or DONSAs, as well as for maintenance or road construction. In the event of a gate runner or other security emergencies, all gates on the installation are closed until the security risk is neutralized.Brown encourages people in the Fort Campbell community to download the Digital Garrison app to stay aware of any changes or closures of the access control points.“Anytime you see an alert, pay attention and adjust accordingly,” he said. “If you see any changes to gate operations, you should expect a delay. You should also learn multiple routes to work using different gates, just in case.”