1 millionth TIN Image
On December 8. 2020, the Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) surpassed 1 million pay-impacting transactions with an overall accuracy rate of over 99 percent. It was a critical milestone in the functionality of the system which is live for the Army National Guard nationwide and will celebrate its two-year anniversary on Jan. 7, 2021.
IPPS-A will fielded to the all three Components in December 2021 delivering 21st century pay, personnel, and talent management capabilities to 1.1 million Soldiers.
(Photo Credit: Justin Ritmiller)

ARLINGTON, Va. -- The Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army (IPPS-A) hit another major milestone in the implementation of the Army’s revolutionary human resources (HR), pay and talent management system. On December 8, 2020, IPPS-A surpassed 1 million pay-impacting transactions with an overall accuracy rate of over 99 percent.

“This is a historic achievement for the Army,” said Maj. Lee Baklarz, IPPS-A Release 2 sustainment lead. “The impact IPPS-A has had on the Army National Guard proves that integrated HR and pay works and has exorcised the ghost of the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS). IPPS-A increases efficiency with human resources processes automatically sending information to the pay system, reduces errors in pay, and increases transparency of what is happening in the system to all.”

The pay transactions, also known as TINS, are submitted by IPPS-A to Defense Financial Accounting System (DFAS) pay system called the Defense Joint Military Pay Systems - Reserve Component (DJMS-RC). There are 26 TINS in the system for Release 2 that include 11 pay impacting, five indirect pay impacting and 10 non-pay impacting. Some transaction examples include promotions, incentive pay, accessions/separations, and address changes.

“This highlights the incredible IPPS-A partnership the program has with DFAS, all 54 states and territories, and the National Guard Bureau who have constantly supported us along the way,” said Sgt. 1st Class Jay Hanna, military pay expert for the Release 2 ARNG Liaison Deployment Team. “This team of teams has always been quick to collaborate, improve business processes, resolve software issues, and provide training to ensure Soldiers are taken care of,” he added.

The Army completed IPPS-A fielding across the Army National Guard, known as Release 2, in March 2020. IPPS-A’s Release 3 effort will integrate all three Army Components, over 1.1 million Soldiers in December 2021. Release 3 builds and adds capability to what exists now and for the first time all Soldiers will rely on one system for HR and pay. Now through November 2021, every Active and Reserve Soldier needs to validate the accuracy of their personnel data in current systems to ensure conversion of their correct data and Release 3 success.

“The journey continues, and we are excited to incorporate the success of Release 2 into the Release 3 testing events as we deliver world-class support to the Total Force in December 2021,” Baklarz said.

IPPS-A will celebrate its two-year anniversary of being live on January 7, 2021.

IPPS-A is the number one HR modernization effort for the Army — a critical enabler for The Army People Strategy and its transition to a Talent Management system and an HR data-rich environment. IPPS-A will provide Soldiers with online access to a comprehensive HR record online 24 hours a day and deliver mobile self-service capabilities. For more information visit, https://ipps-a.army.mil or follow on social media.