Dear Incoming Soldier,Congratulations on your assignment to the 593d Expeditionary SustainmentCommand (ESC). You and your family will find a dynamic environment that isboth professionally and personally rewarding. We look forward to you joiningthe team and sharing your experiences at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM).Our command structure consists of Soldiers serving within 79 MOSs, who areprepared to deploy worldwide in order to provide mission command,sustainment, and heath service support to joint and coalition forces and civilauthorities. Additionally, we provide daily support to I Corps and other JBLMtenant units. The task organization consists of the 62d Medical Brigade, 13thCombat Sustainment Support Battalion, 51st Signal Battalion (Expeditionary),and HHC 593d ESC.Located in the Pacific Northwest, JBLM provides endless opportunities forsightseeing, hiking, water recreation and more. Approximately 45 minutes fromSeattle, an hour from the Cascade Mountains, and a few miles from the PugetSound, this is a prime location for quality off-duty activities. As the commander,I will do my best to ensure predictability and balance in all training in order toprovide a suitable quality of life for all service members.The 593d ESC, along with the various units task-organized under us, welcomeyou to view our website to get more information. The S93d ESC JBLM publichomepage can be found at encourage you to contact your sponsor to address any questions or concernsyou may have about your upcoming assignment. If you encounter any issuescommunicating with your sponsor, please call the ESC Staff Duty Desk atCommercial 253-966-1892.Again, welcome to the 593d Expeditionary Sustainment Command."Rest Assured"TIMOTHY P. WHITEBrigadier General, U.S. ArmyCommandingFRANK M. GRAHAMCSM, USACommand Sergeant Major