FORT CAMPBELL, Ky – U.S. Army Garrison-Fort Campbell welcomed a new senior enlisted leader May 28 during a change of responsibility ceremony at Wilson Theater.Because of COVID-19 precautions only Family and a small group of Soldiers and garrison staff were in attendance.Colonel Jeremy D. Bell, garrison commander, led the ceremony, during which Command Sgt. Maj. Jason W. Osborne relinquished responsibility as the senior enlisted adviser to Command Sgt. Maj. Major Joseph Harbour by the passing of the garrison colors.Traditionally the command sergeant major is the keeper of the unit colors, and their passing from outgoing to incoming senior enlisted leader signifies the transfer of responsibility.In his speech, Bell praised Osborne’s leadership during his 30-month tenure, a period when the garrison was faced with many challenges.“In the short time that I have been in command, I’ve seen crisis after crisis, from housing, groundhogs, lead-based paint, a devastating storm and ultimately to today with the COVID-19 crisis,” Bell said. “Any one of these things should have been crippling, they should have been devastating, but each and every time the organization rose to the occasion and helped put Fort Campbell back on its feet.”Bell said the true test of a leader and of the team is the way in which they respond to crisis.“Despite these challenges and difficulties, I have seen leadership, courage, trust, pride, sacrifice and ownership to match every crisis,” Bell said. “I thought it was important to take the time to make the point that it takes a special brand of leadership to manage such a diverse organization. I certainly have that leadership in my directorates, in my directors, they make a difference every day. Today, we are here to recognize Command Sgt. Maj. Osborne’s leadership and his contribution to the installation.”Osborne became Fort Campbell garrison senior enlisted leader at a time when he had to forge his own path.“He took over, like most of us, not knowing what exactly he was doing,” Bell said. “He also took over under difficult circumstances, he didn’t have anyone to rely on, he didn’t have a predecessor to bounce ideas off of or to get him settled into the position. Even though he often wondered early on – just like I did – what he had gotten himself into, he figured it out. First and foremost, he figured out that our business is a people business and you succeed in the garrison world by supporting those around you.”Bell praised Osborne’s ability to work closely with the garrison directorates and his love for the people of Fort Campbell.“He took on this role from day one and he made himself available to all of our directorates, all of our employees and he became an integral part of our workforce,” he said. “I think ultimately he became a mentor, a sounding board and a trusted advocate for our workers and employees. I have often been impressed by his depth of knowledge of our workers and employees, he understands them and he is a good advocate who can translate a vision effectively.”Bell said Osborne always kept the wellness of Fort Campbell and its Soldiers at the top of his priority list during his time as command sergeant major.Just before the change of responsibility ceremony, Osborne was awarded the Legion of Merit medal for exceptionally meritorious service as garrison command sergeant major.“[Osborne] understood that even though this organization had so few Soldiers under its command, his focus in supporting them would never waiver,” Bell said.For her service to the installation, Osborne’s wife, Donna, was honored with a Meritorious Public Service Medal and a bouquet of red roses.During his speech, Osborne thanked his wife and their children.“I have to thank my Family who cannot all be here to travel due to COVID-19 restrictions,” he said. “Donna, you are at the top of the list. Thank you for all of your love and support, and the continued unwavering dedication to our Soldiers and Families, and all you do. This award is 28 years overdue, it’s 28 years of caring for our Soldiers and Families. Thank you, and I love you.”Osborne went on to praise Fort Campbell leadership and said the post is a wonderful place to live and work.“Thirty months ago, I said, ‘this opportunity is a gift not to be wasted’ and I took that very seriously when I took the job,” he said. “Command Sgt. Maj. Harbor you have an opportunity to serve at the best installation in the Army, to live and to work in one of the most dedicated and supportive communities. Don’t waste it, it’s a phenomenal opportunity.”Osborne also thanked the people of the surrounding communities for their support of Fort Campbell, its Soldiers and Families.“I have to thank Montgomery County, Clarksville, Christian County, Hopkinsville, for the support they provide every day to the amazing Soldiers and Families and the majority of the installation who lives in their communities,” he said. “Approximately 6,500 service members, Families and retirees live in your communities, and I cannot thank you enough for what they do for each and every one of them. Without your support and dedication there is no way we can perform our service to the nation.”Both Bell and Osborne offered Harbour a warm welcome.Harbour comes to the garrison from 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), where he served as battalion command sergeant major. He has a long history with Fort Campbell and the 101st Abn. Div., which began in 1996, when as a young Soldier he served in 3rd Brigade, 101st Abn. Div. In 2007, he returned to Fort Campbell where he served in 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, and then as a first sergeant at Fort Campbell’s Warrior Transition Battalion.“You are well suited for the job, you’ve served in every position from platoon sergeant to battalion command sergeant major at Fort Campbell, those experiences and networks you’ve established will really pay off in your time as command sergeant major of the garrison,” Bell said of Harbour. “This garrison is recognized as one of the best in the Army, it has a dedicated workforce to accomplish amazing things. My charge to you is to make them better, I’m fully confident you will make your mark. Take care of our workforce and let them take care of the mission.”Harbour said he looks forward to his new role and working alongside the Fort Campbell garrison and the surrounding communities.“It truly is an honor and privilege to be surrounded by the epitome of professionalism,” he said during the ceremony. “To the directorates and the garrison team, I have witnessed nothing but the utmost professionalism. I thank you for taking time to welcome me to the team and look forward to working by your side.”