WASHINGTON -- With implementation of the Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army across the National Guard in all 54 states and territories, Army leaders now have improved visibility as the Guard continues to support COVID-19 operations nationwide.The new system, integrated on March 24, is a "game changer," said Roy Wallace, the assistant deputy chief of staff for personnel Army G-1. For the first time, the National Guard can manage a wide range of human resources and pay actions under one secure web-based application."As COVID-19 operations have gained speed over the last month, it is important that we have one centralized system," said Col. Gregory Johnson, director of IPPS-A's functional management division. "Now, we can see what's happening [across] the entire Guard."Moving forward, program officials are working to integrate IPPS-A across the Army Reserve and active-duty force by December 2021. The program will later incorporate all of the Army's payroll applications under the system, scheduled for completion in May 2025.With more than 200 personnel and pay systems across the force, full IPPS-A integration will eliminate close to 40 HR systems by 2025, officials said.Through IPPS-A, Army leaders will have visibility of the entire force once fielded across all components, Wallace said. Army leaders will have the ability to identify and manage their talent. The system is also fully auditable, providing improved accountability and oversight."The Army is committed to its people. They are the cornerstone of everything we do and … are the centerpiece of the Army," Wallace said.Before IPPS-A, the Guard operated under a wide array of systems, which stifled the Guard's ability to manage HR or pay actions effectively, or provide support under one centralized application, said Lt. Col. June Copeland, chief IPPS-A National Guard liaison.During Hurricane Harvey in 2017, for example, the force had a difficult time managing an abundance of personnel across multiple states, as the Guard mobilized to provide support, Copeland said.As Guard personnel continue to be activated in support of state or federal government' COVID-19 efforts, IPPS-A will ease the mobilization processes of all Guard personnel, Johnson said."Under IPPS-A, with 54 states and territories merged under one system and it is now a lot easier," Copeland said. "We are now able to reach out and figure out what the states and territories are doing to provide support."Related linksIntegrated Personnel and Pay System-Army websiteArmy News ServiceARNEWS Archive