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Since 1943, ARNEWS has been the Army's premier print wire service with the daily mission of telling the service's story to its internal audiences worldwide. The general public is also a tertiary audience that can now view articles on But the target audience remains the 6 million Soldiers, Family members, retirees, reserve-component troops, civilian employees and contractors worldwide who traditionally read the stories in their command newspapers. CONVERGENCE MEDIA: AFN stations historically have used ARNEWS articles as readers on their radio newscasts and for story ideas on the TV news. ARNEWS partnered with Soldiers Magazine and SRTV to provide synergy on covering Army-wide news. COVERAGE: ARNEWS reporters focus on covering strategic communications initiatives at Department of the Army headquarters. This includes new policy, pay and benefits, new equipment and new programs emphasized by Army leadership. Coverage of major operations and exercises is primarily based on submissions from the field. FOCUS: Some of the strategic communications issues of recent and future focus include: Building the Army of 2030 Possibilities (Be All You Can Be) Making a Difference Army Life If your unit requires assistance covering an Army-level topic, please complete the ARNEWS request form (below) and submit it to ARNEWS Request Form — Blank.pdf [PDF - 370.2 KB]



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