FORT STEWART, Ga. During this era of persistent conflict, 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers are constantly training - honing both individual and team-level skills essential to overcoming today's battlefield. It's that same teamwork and unit cohesion that lifted the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Soldiers to a win on the playing field, as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 4-3 Brigade Special Troops Battalion beat the 92nd Engineers, 18-7 during intramural softball league play. The game, held at Fort Stewart's Sports Complex, June 9, gave Soldiers an opportunity to share in good natured competition, said 4-3 BSTB head coach and intelligence officer, Capt. Katherine Wardlow.

"It also gives everyone the chance to work still as a company, as a team," she said. With the 4th IBCT's recent transformation from heavy armor to light infantry, the Vanguard Soldiers have turned up a notch in training. But despite their busy schedules, the Sentinel team still manages to squeeze in time for softball practice when they can. "It's really hard for some of us to get here and practice every single day," Capt. Wardlow said.

"But everyone usually does show up for the games and we get a lot of support from the fans. We work really hard during practices to make sure each member knows what to do with the ball." Specialist Steven Pattillo, a player for HHC 4-3 BSTB, said participating in intramural softball is also helping Soldiers of all ranks to build camaraderie.

Aca,!A"We just got a bunch of new Soldiers in, new privates that arenAca,!a,,ct really used to seeing high ranking people,Aca,!A? the Commerce, Texas, native said. Aca,!A"WeAca,!a,,cve got sergeants, weAca,!a,,cve got captains and we had our battalion commander out here playing with us today, so itAca,!a,,cs a chance for them to come out here and break the ice with the leadership and get to know them a little bit better.Aca,!A?

HHC 4-3 BSTB is slated to take the Sentinel Stakes challenge this week, training designed to help with the Vanguard Brigade transformation, but the Sentinel Soldiers will take back to the diamond and face off against the 3rd Battalion, 69th Armored Regiment, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, June 24.

For more information on the intramural softball season, contact the Fort Stewart Sports Office at 767-9795.