Columbus Day commemorates the spirit of exploration and signifies the beginning of the Fall Season. With the change of season, we should prepare ourselves for cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours. These changes should also heighten everyone's awareness when making travel plans. We encourage everyone to get out and take advantage of the many Korean cultural activities and enjoy the fall scenery throughout the Republic of Korea.One of our biggest challenges during long weekends continues to be alcohol-related incidents. I expect Commanders to emphasize the importance of not driving while under the influence of alcohol and to drink responsibly when visiting off-post establishments. Individual offenses such as public drunkenness or physical altercations not only effect readiness but reflect poorly on the Eighth Army team, the United States, and our Alliance. Remember, just one drink could put you over the new Korean Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level of 0.03%.Every single member of the Eighth Army family is a valuable resource without whom our mission could not be accomplished. We challenge each of you to place safety at the top of your holiday plans and make the "right" decision in whatever you do.Pacific Victors!DANIEL J. CHRISTIAN Major General, USA Deputy Commanding General - SustainmentJASON SCHMIDT CSM, USA Command Sergeant Major