FORT HUACHUCA, ARIZ -- Fort Huachuca's Mountain Vista Communities and Housing Services Office earns real estate awards and maintains its #2 ranking for housing Army-wide by relying on resident satisfaction surveys to guide long-range budgeting and planning efforts and to identify resident priorities. Resident satisfaction surveys are distributed every six months and are a significant tool in gaging customer satisfaction. This year Fort Huachuca's Mountain Vista Communities received one Platinum A List Award winner and eight A List Award winners, for a total of nine award winners out of its 12 properties surveyed. Neighborhoods must have a survey response rate of at least 20 percent to be considered for an award. A List Awards for Customer Service Excellence are awarded in recognition of achieving a "Best in the Industry" rating for providing the highest level and quality of service.Platinum A List Award Signal VillageA List Awards Cavalry Park Coronado Village Gatewood Gatewood Bernard Street Miles Manor Pershing Plaza East Pershing Plaza WestResident surveys also allow Fort Huachuca housing partners to address community concerns before they become an insurmountable issue. "It's our opportunity to look at the details of our business and brings our attention to what's important from the residents' perspective," said Juan Mendoza, facilities director for Mountain Vista Communities. Fort Huachuca has implemented several action plans based on survey results that have been integral in improving customer service. Shellie Cerecke, community director for Mountain Vista Communities, described how scores in certain survey areas directly impact how they do business. "Based on our scores for appearance and condition of the community, we've implemented weekly neighborhood walks which include members of the MVC Maintenance Team, the MVC Administrative Team and the Housing Services Office," she said. "This gets us out on the grounds walking through the neighborhoods providing us with a close look at the property and gives us an opportunity to talk to residents at the same time. This is an in-depth, property-wide inspection, not just a windshield tour." Mendoza elaborated on additional changes the MVC Maintenance Team implemented when they focused on increasing follow-ups with residents after maintenance and work orders. "We've always followed-up on 100 percent of our urgent or emergency work orders, but we decided to increase follow-up on routine work orders from 10 percent to 25 percent of all work orders completed," he said. "This small change directly impacted our resident satisfaction rating in survey questions related to follow-up improving it by 2.3 to 3.6 percent in each area." Cerecke stressed the value of residents taking the surveys. "Let's hear from all our residents," she said. "We had a 27.8 percent participation rate on our last survey. With more participation, we get even more feedback to help us improve. We'd love to see every neighborhood get an award after our next survey." The next Fort Huachuca resident survey is scheduled to launch Nov. 12. Mountain Vista Communities will provide fort residents with more information and participation details as the date gets closer. #HUAHousing