The Afghanistan District is conducting trauma medical training at all of its project delivery platforms to enable personnel the ability to perform life saving measures that will sustain a casualty until medical professionals arrive.

The tasks being trained are designed to stop hemorrhaging, open an airway, control bleeding, and maintain circulation. District members also received instruction in performing duties on a member of an aid and litter team.

"We coordinated this training with various medical treatment facilities throughout the theater," said USACE Afghanistan District Senior Enlisted Advisor, Sgt. Maj. Anthony Powers. He said that medical training was sought to supplement the training provided to each new deployed member at the Conus Replacement Center at Fort Bliss, TX.

The Districts goal is to have all USACE Afghanistan District personnel, military, civilian, and contractors trained in lifesaving techniques so that if any District member were to ever witness a casualty producing event, they could provide immediate casualty aid.

"We all recognize the hazards of working in a contingency environment," said Powers, and cherish the lives of our team, the coalition, and our partners."

Training took place simultaneously at the District. While the Bagram Programs, Project and Management Delivery team received hands on training, the Kabul Project Delivery Platform members teamed up with Combat Medics who conducted medical training with instruction and hands on training which covered the use of the components of the Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) and basic principles of Care under Fire.