FORT PICKETT, VA-- CW5 Pennie Temmerman, Military Deputy of the Munitions and Logistics Readiness Center at the Joint Munitions Command, gave the opening remarks at the Ammunition Transfer and Holding Point (ATHP) Team of the Year Event, held September 9-13 at Fort Pickett, VA.

"The friendly competition here today shows that the ammunition enterprise and ordnance community will do our part to ensure America's Army is ready, lethal and prepared to destroy its enemies now and in the future, in any domain, anytime, anywhere," said Temmerman.
Temmerman, one of the Army's senior ammunition warrant officers, was joined at the event by other Ordnance Corps senior leaders.

"This is an event that brings together the pinnacle of the Army's ammunition community to train, evaluate and assess the most effective tactics, techniques and procedures employed by those who work at Ammunition Transfer and Holding Points around the Army as they tackle various critical training scenarios," said Temmerman.

The event tests technical and tactical proficiency on ammunition operations during Large Scale Ground Combat Operations. The competition tested teams on tasks such as site selection and layout, inventory management operations and munitions identification.

Teams from Ft. Benning, Ft. Drum and Ft. Hood competed this year. The 75th Ranger Regiment, Ft. Benning, Georgia, won "Best of the Best" in the assessment.

"While you compete, one goal today is that you learn from each other and build confidence in your ability to handle tough, unexpected situations as an agile unit. We're building readiness and lethality, one ammo team at a time," said Temmerman.

The Ammunition Transfer and Holding Point (ATHP) Team of the Year Event is part of the Ordnance Crucible, hosted by the Ordnance School. The crucible also includes events in explosive ordnance disposal and combat repair.

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