Oct. 1 and Sept. 30 mark the beginning and end of the U.S. government's fiscal year.As we close out fiscal year 2019, we may not end the evening of Sept. 30 with a countdown, a ball dropping, or fireworks; however, each member of this team -- military, civilian, family, and community -- has much to celebrate.Each person's contribution, each person's labors, each person's desire to win as part of the greatest team on Earth -- the U.S. Army -- has ensured mission success across a host of functions here at Fort Leonard Wood and the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence.You have diligently executed the command priorities. You have done routine things not just routinely, but well. And, your efforts have paid off in mighty ways.Since this page could not possibly hold all of the noteworthy accomplishments at Fort Leonard Wood this fiscal year, I have asked each of our units to compile a 2019 highlights summary and run them in a "Fort Leonard Wood Annual Report" series here in the GUIDON.Each week, the newspaper will feature the noteworthy achievements of different units.I encourage you to read every article and take the time to learn about the fantastic things happening to your left and to your right; and, when you do, take a moment to congratulate and encourage one another for these good works that make the Army and our nation strong.I am so proud of you each and every day and am so proud to serve with you here in the heart of America, where skills are forged and where victory begins.(Editor's note: Martin is the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard Wood commanding general. This article is the first in an eight-week series.)