The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers continues to build critical infrastructure for the Afghan nation. As the peace talk's loom, and the Afghanistan USACE District maintains its course for success, it will continue using economical engineering solutions to build stability in the region, employing local labor, empowering them with the ability to see the fruits of their own labor. Our Local National Quality Assurance (LNQA) employees are the critical backbone to our ability to deliver the program as is evident in the recent turnover of the Afghan National Police (ANP) Family Response Unit (FRU) facilities in four of the Kabul Police Districts."We continue to posture ourselves to best support our stakeholders and remain the "Go-To" solution for engineering challenges in Afghanistan," said Col. Chris Becking, Commanding Officer, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Afghanistan District.One of the most recent "Go To" solutions for the district is the Afghan Air Force (AAF) Aviation Enhancement Life Support Area (LSA) in Kandahar. This project was awarded to Omran Holding Group (OHG) on September 30, 2018, with a Notice to Proceed on November 4, 2018. The Period of Performance (POP) is 456 Calendar Days.This project supports the AAF mission expansion at Kandahar Air Field and includes the new construction of new enlisted barracks. "The project is progressing well,' said Project Manager Dennis Lindemeier, "currently near 50 percent complete, with work ongoing on each of the barracks." He said all concrete roof slabs are complete, with metal roof framing underway and interior plaster work progressing on all four buildings.Work on the water distribution system will begin early in September, along with a 15Kv electrical distribution system being installed and final connections for power scheduled for November. As this project moves along the Contract Required Completion date is set for February 2020 and the Beneficial Occupancy Date scheduled for May.USACE will continue to deliver at the speed of relevance in the most cost effective manner and on time.