HONOLULU - First Sgt. Edmund W. Thompson, assigned to U.S. Army Pacific - Support Unit, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, under the 9th Mission Support Command was chosen as one of three Veterans to be recognized at the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams NFL preseason game at Aloha Stadium Saturday.

Thompson is a 68 Golf Healthcare Management Patient Admin Non Commissioned Officer who specializes in medical boards and medical evacuations. He has 24 years of service combined in both Active Duty and Reserve.

"It felt absolutely amazing to be honored at the game. It was a very exciting moment, but I know hundreds of Soldiers that are far more deserving than I am. It was a very humbling experience," Thompson said. "I always appreciate it when people thank me for my service but I love what I do, mentoring our Soldiers and building the leaders of tomorrow is the best feeling in the world, especially when you see your Soldiers achieve their goals and excel at higher positions."

Thompson was recognized at halftime and accompanied by his wife, Chastity Thompson of Waianae, Hawaii and daughters, Kiana and Jaylin.

"I was proud to share this moment for my husband's accomplishments in his career," Chastity said. "He does so much for his Soldiers, he's a good leader. I am extremely grateful that we were given this opportunity."

Thompson was selected by the Wounded Warrior Project. Their mission is to "honor and empower Wounded Warriors". While Thompson was honored that he was chosen, he gives credit to the Soldiers and leaders he serves with.

"I am a product of the leaders before me and always give the best version of myself to my Soldiers. At the end of the day, I just want to serve my family and Soldiers proudly."

It was the first NFL preseason game played in Hawaii since 1976. The Cowboys beat the Rams, 14-10.