CAMP BULLIS, TEXAS-The U.S. Army Futures Command hosted a Best Warrior competition in San Antonio, Texas from June 24-28. There are ten competitors from Army North, Army Central Command, Army South, Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM), Medical Command (MEDCOM), and Army Futures Command (AFC). This event takes place over a five-day period where each soldier will earn points. Each lane earns a certain amount a points that tally up at the end of the competition in which a winner will be awarded the honor of being the AFC Best Warrior. Upon arrival to Camp Bullis, the competitors inprocess and prepare for the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) the next day. After the physical testing, the competitors start the taxing sequence of events, which includes an obstacle course and road march. All Soldiers showed endurance throughout the day navigating to their next lane. Sgt. Cedrick Miller, a MEDCOM competitor stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, said, "It's been a challenge but the hardest part is getting to each lane carrying all our gear." The day continued on as each Soldier received coordinates in which they map out to navigate to get to their prospective lanes. The competitors must find each lane according to those coordinates. The blue lanes break off in four groups, which consist of dissembling and assembling of a .50 caliber and M249 machine gun then performing a functions check on each. Other lanes included performing an improvised explosive device (IED) patrol and reaction, enemy detainee search and engagement, writing a situational report, and enacting how to engage with local nationals. Another lane tests the competitor on reacting under fire, low crawling, employing hand grenades, and suppressing fire. Sgt. Nicholas Potter, who is currently stationed in Grafenwoehr, Germany as a Military Police Officer said, "This has definitely been a career opportunity, and the most challenging part has been running the five miles, obstacle course, then continuing to rucking it another five miles to the next lane." The competition ends on June 28, 2019, after each candidate sits for the board in their dress uniform. The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony at the Army North Quadrangle located on Fort Sam Houston, Texas.