Your voice can make a difference.It's time again for the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command leadership is encouraging participation. Notices with links to the survey will roll out May 14."We made noticeable, meaningful improvements as the result of our last survey," said Bill Marriott, AMCOM Executive Director. "This survey empowers employees to make positive and lasting impacts on their work environment as we all continue to focus on supporting the warfighter."In response to the 2018 survey results, the command is zeroing in on several focus areas: providing leaders with training and tools, improving communication across the Command, increasing employee recognition, and improving work-life balance."This year's theme is 'Your AMCOM, Your Voice,'" said Steve Fisher from AMCOM's G-1 Training and Career Management team and the champion for this year's survey. "The message is 'We hear you'."Each employee will receive a unique link to take the anonymous survey. The Office of Personnel Management will send weekly reminders until the survey closes on June 25.Fisher said AMCOM's goal is a 50 percent response rate. Last year's participation was 36 percent, up from 20 percent in the previous year."We saw a good increase," Fisher said of the 2018 response rate. That was the first year the survey was administered as a census - meaning all federal employees received an invitation to participate.AMCOM responses were 90 percent positive, Fisher noted."People generally like the work they are doing and will put in the extra effort for the sake of the mission," he said. Locally, most concerns were on improving workplace communication and work-life balance.Results of the survey prompted town halls for each organization within the command, Fisher noted. But the focus on leaders leading also includes one-on-one communication."Senior leaders have challenged directors and supervisors to have more conversations and to listen," Fisher said. "The emphasis is on more transparency, timely feedback and two-way communication."Celebrating successes has increased the emphasis on employee recognition, which is up by 40 percent this year."We're finding new ways to honor our employees," Fisher said. AMCOM's MVP award was born from the survey results. Beyond official awards and "star notes," notes from general officers and members of the senior executive service, Fisher said leaders have found that a heartfelt "thank you" also goes a long way.At AMCOM headquarters, survey results prompted the refurbishment of the Sparkman Center fitness center into a new AMCOM Wellness Center. Along with exercise space and equipment, the center will house training areas for nutrition and other soft-skills training. The grand opening is set for this summer.The opportunity to complete the survey runs from May 14 to June 25. Fisher reassures employees that the survey and compiling the results is done by an unbiased third party and all employee responses are anonymous. Employees will receive weekly reminders via email until the employee completes the survey.