CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -- Over the past three years, Letterkenny Munitions Center's mission has grown significantly across all three main business segments to meet Warfighter readiness requirements.LEMC experienced a substantial increase in munitions readiness requirements, which established the need for a capital investment increase to meet these U.S. Army, Air Force, and Navy requirements. LEMC allocated nearly $55 million for facility modernization over the next five years to not only meet current and future munitions readiness requirements, but simultaneously to set conditions for meeting Department of Defense modernization efforts. Additionally, the increase in requirements resulted in the hiring of approximately one hundred new employees at LEMC since 2016."We have put a tremendous amount of organizational energy into both our near-and-long term area development plan," said Lt. Col. Jeffrey Ignatowski. "It has been challenging pulling in all the threads from across the services to ensure we are setting the right conditions to meet near-term munitions readiness objectives and the long-term sustainment of DoD modernization efforts."In addition to the $55 million in capital investment programs, which depends heavily on synergy with Letterkenny Army Depot's Department of Public Works for execution, LEMC developed and submitted requests to receive nearly $104 million in Military Construction projects over the next five to six years. These MILCON projects will facilitize and modernize LEMC's precision-guided munitions maintenance capabilities, as well as satisfy expansion of distribution operations since LEMC has been identified as one of the four remaining DoD power projection platforms for munitions."Success of our area development plan is reliant on our collaboration with LEAD DPW; we are and must be shoulder-to-shoulder in order to ensure our Nation's national security objectives are met," said Ignatowski. "Equally important is the relationship between LEMC, Chambersburg and the Franklin County Area Development Team. It ultimately takes a partnership to bring these efforts to fruition.""LEMC's expanded mission has enhanced its military value across DoD and therefore, has strengthened its relationship with the community," said Mike Ross, Franklin County Area Development Corporation President. "It is impossible to overstate the importance of the LEMC's impact to the Depot and the community and it is a relationship we are committed to maintaining."LEMC is located on Letterkenny Army Depot and conducts regional and global distribution of munitions, provides missile maintenance, and conducts demilitarization of munitions for the U.S. Army in support of Joint Forces and international partner nations.