VICENZA, Italy (April 14, 2019) -- Even though the weather in the Veneto has been cooler than usual this spring, the heating season is nearly over, and the Directorate of Public Works here will begin shutting off building heating systems.In accordance with the U.S. Army Garrison Italy Heating and Cooling Policy, which reflects Italian and Army guidance, heating systems will begin shutoff April 15 in the following order: 1) administrative and support (ex. warehouse), 2) community facilities, 3) barracks, 4) operational or mission facilities, and 5) Child Development Centers/medical/dental.Space heaters are not authorized in lieu of building heating, and all heaters issued by the DPW must be returned to DPW for inspection and storage until reissued, based on need, next winter. Any space heater not issued by DPW is unauthorized and must be removed.The DPW authorizes air conditioning season to begin on or after May 15 and only after three consecutive days of 26.5˚C (80˚F) temperatures. Do not operate split system or heat pump air conditioners in offices or buildings before the use of air conditioning has been authorized.When air conditioning season does begin, set thermostats no lower than the Garrison policy limit of 24˚C (75˚F). For thermostats that control both heating and air conditioning, switch the season control from heating to cooling and raise the set point to 24˚C.