CAMP HUMPHREYS, Republic of Korea - The 123rd Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division (Rotational), paid homage to a fellow Soldier who raised his right hand to continue serving the nation. Sgt. Steven Kwun, combat medic specialist, Company C., 123rd BSB, 3rd ABCT, 1st AD re-enlisted for an additional term of service, Dec. 21.

Traditionally, service members have the option to choose their reenlistment location. Kwun's humble request was to reenlist in front of the War Memorial of Korea in Seoul.

"It was a memorable moment for Kwun," said Master Sgt. Nicholas Thompson, senior career counselor, 3rd ABCT, 1st AD. "He was able to extend his service and share his commitment to our nation with his team."

Kwun's only request during the reenlistment process was to be station with his loved ones.

"My family stayed in Fort Carson (Colorado) when I left my previous duty station," said Kwun. "I would like to go back."

The Colorado Springs native spoke with his career counselor in hopes that he could secure a position in his hometown. In an effort to honor Soldiers' requests, the Army allows the Army Retention Management Branch to place a Soldier at a location of their choosing.

To Kwun's good fortune, his career counselor was able to align his request with Army need. He will return to Fort Carson to rejoin his wife, who is expecting their first child in the coming year.

"Without question, service in the Armed Forces is a sacrifice. Civilians are asked to join the ranks and offer their commitment," said Thompson. "They are challenged ... trained, and in the end ... Soldiers." The Soldiers with the 3rd ABCT are Bulldogs, and they "will bear true faith and allegiance."