CAMP HUMPHREYS, Republic of Korea -- Eight Soldiers from Alpha Company, 304th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, 1st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade deliver a Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical Terminal (SMART-T) to a remote site via sling load, here, Dec. 18-20. Bravo Company, 3rd Aviation Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade provided a CH-47 Chinook for the duration of the operation.The SMART-T is the Army's protected satellite communications system, which enables commanders to operate in an electronic warfare threat environment that includes radio frequency signal interference (jamming), signal detection and geographic location threats. The SMART-T also makes it possible for units to reliably and securely extend the range of their network, which enables Soldiers to send critical text, data, voice and video communications beyond their area of operations."You can't drive up to it. They need this one-hundred percent to be lifted up," said Staff Sgt. Gregory Williams, an automated logistical specialist assigned to Alpha Company, 304th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, 1st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade. "They would not be able to complete their mission if not for this being able to be air lifted out there."Williams served as the non-commissioned officer in charge and as Rigging Inspector of the sling load operation.The process for preparing a vehicle for air lift operations is very in depth and the crew took their time preparing the SMART-T.Two other Soldiers assisted Williams in preparing the SMART-T. "When I come inspect, you put your hands on every single piece," said Williams. "Everything that we've touched, we'll go back through."Before the SMART-T was connected to the helicopter, the aviation crew also inspected the rigging setup. After inspecting the rig, the aviation crew provided final instructions for attaching the SMART-T to the Chinook.The 304th ESB Soldiers connected the SMART-T to the Chinook in a few minutes, and the aviation crew headed out to their destination. It took approximately 10 minutes from landing to take off to inspect and rig the load.The 304th Expeditionary Signal Battalion is a theater-level tactical signal unit, forward deployed in the Republic of Korea. The unit's mission provides tactical communications support to United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command, U.S. Forces Korea, Eighth Army, and non-DOD U.S. Government organizations within the Korean peninsula.The 1st Signal Brigade enables joint and combined C4IM throughout the area of operations to support UNC/CFC/USFK/8th Army's ability to lead, direct and maneuver availale forces during armistice, crisis, or war.