Soldier Training Data Entry Moves from eMILPO to DTMS
Beginning 11 January 2019, Soldier Training Data used by HRC for Soldier Record Briefs, as well as Promotion Point Worksheets for E4-E5, (i.e., APFT score, AR 600-9 testing result and individual weapon qualification) will be received electronically f... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and Human Resources Command (HRC) are eliminating the requirement for redundant manual training data entry into both the Digital Training Management System (DTMS) and the Army's electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO) by establishing an interconnection to automate the transfer of unit-managed Soldier data. This action is being fast-tracked for completion and supports the Secretary of the Army's vision to reduce requirements on echelons at brigade and below.

"Any time we can eliminate redundant reporting it is great news to our tactical units," said COL Stuart Smith, Director of the Training Management Directorate. "This initiative will provide units and command teams more efficient and accurate processing of Soldier training readiness and promotion data."

Beginning 11 January 2019, Soldier training data used by HRC for Soldier Record Briefs as well as Promotion Point Worksheets for E4 -- E5 (i.e., APFT score, AR 600-9 testing result, and individual weapon qualification) will be received electronically from DTMS. Once established, HRC will disable training data entry capability in eMILPO.

To support the upcoming change, units should immediately begin reviewing all Soldier training readiness data (APFT, AR 600-9 Height/Weight, and individual weapons qualifications) in DTMS to ensure data is correct. During the transition, it is recommended that commands have trained S-1 personnel use eMILPO to verify the accuracy and completeness of data received from DTMS.

Since it is assumed that some units may have recorded Soldier APFT, AR 600-9 Height/Weight and Individual weapons qualification in either DTMS or eMILPO, but perhaps not both, ATMS and eMILPO are reviewing Soldier records and reconciling data between systems prior to implementation.

FRAGORD 2 TO HQDA EXORD 081-17 DIGITAL TRAINING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FUNCTIONALITY will provide additional guidance when published.

If you have questions or want to learn more, the Army Training Network (ATN) at, will be where you can find the FRAGORD, and where many additional resources for Soldiers, from FM 7-0, to the Combined Arms Training Strategy and DTMS tools. The ATN has every tool necessary to ensure units are trained and ready. To reach an expert, please contact the Help Desk at toll-free (877) 241-0347 or (913) 684-2700 or DSN 552-2700. Users can also email the Help Desk for assistance at:

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