FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Gen. Robert B. "Abe" Abrams relinquished command of the U.S. Army Forces Command at Fort Bragg's Main Post Flag Pole, Oct. 16.

FORSCOM is the Army's largest command and serves as the Army's conventional force provider to combatant commanders worldwide.

Abrams took command of FORSCOM in August 2015, spearheading numerous changes during his tenure. He implemented an increased focus on readiness, repurposed hundreds of thousands of pieces of excess equipment, significantly reduced the number of non-deployable Soldiers, revamped aviation training, improved Army business practices to save the Army $38 million and instituted more rigorous training at the Combat Training Centers. He also stood up the Security Force Assistance Brigades, deploying the 1st SFAB for the advise and assist mission in Afghanistan.

Army Chief of Staff Mark A. Milley praised Abrams' accomplishments during his three years at FORSCOM, crediting him with bringing enhanced meaning to the Army total force and increasing Soldier readiness.

"In terms of manning, training, equipping and leader development of the United States Army, there is no one person in the Army today who has done more to improve the readiness of the United States Army than Abe Abrams," said Milley. "FORSCOM's accomplishments under his leadership stand as a testament to his competence and capability."

Abrams said that while he was the one being honored, it was the leaders behind the scenes and more than 700,000 active, Reserve and National Guard Soldiers assigned to FORSCOM who accomplish the mission every day.

"At the heart of this command are its Soldiers serving stateside and deployed throughout the world, led by world-class leaders," said Abrams. "Soldiers who are tough, fit, experts in their craft, committed to sharpening their blades continuously. Our Soldiers accomplish every mission to a very high standard. They're dedicated and professional men and women who truly represent the best of our nation."

Abrams leaves Fort Bragg to assume command of the U.S. Forces Korea.

"Korea is a tough situation and it has been for a long time," said Milley. "We're sending over our best in Abe Abrams."

There is not an official announcement for the incoming commander of U.S. Army Forces Command, who will need to undergo the confirmation process. In the interim, FORSCOM's deputy commanding general, Lt. Gen. Laura J. Richardson, will be the acting commander. The Army Chief of Staff said that she may be filling in for a long time.

"You're going to be commanding this command for a considerable length of time," Milley said. "It will be measured in months, not days or weeks. We know that you're going to do a great job and we know that everyone in forces command is going to do as great a job for Laura Richardson as you did for Abe Abrams."