The Directorate of Training and Doctrine, US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) is looking for an Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT), to review the Combined Arms Training Strategies (CATS) for an ABCT. Upon the invitation by a unit, the MCoE CATS Development Team will conduct a unit visit at the ABCT home station (at no cost to the unit) and will present the draft training strategy to commanders, leaders, trainers, and staff. The presentations normally require a meeting with unit leaders and staff, for each TO&E organization within the ABCT. The purpose for providing these CATS unit-visits is to educate commanders and associated unit-leaders on CATS. The CATS tool provides task-based, event driven training strategies designed to assist commanders in achieving training readiness consistent with the Army's Sustainable Readiness Model (SRM). Commanders, leaders, trainers, and staff can utilize CATS to plan, prepare, execute, and assess collective training events IAW unit's HQDA-approved Standard Mission Essential Task List (METL). MCoE CATS analysts and master gunner(s) are also available to provide training, education and assistance to units on CATS and live fire exercises, as well as the applicable training doctrine in Field Manual 7-0, "Train to Win in a Complex World" and Army Doctrine Publication 7-0, "Training." These visiting trainers can also provide assistance, training and education on the use of the Army Training Network (ATN) and Digital Training Management System (DTMS), to access the training strategies for units, as well as how to use the CATS in DTMS to plan unit training. Additionally, CATS analysts will conduct one-on-one, over-the-shoulder training on the recommended METL crosswalks, which are nested with higher headquarters and Department of the Army Standard METLs. Unit participation in the CATS development process is a critical step that enables the MCoE to provide current and relevant collective training products to the operating force. Units that are interested in participating in the ABCT CATS assistance visits, please see for information on contacting the MCoE CATS POCs.