Soldiers with 293rd Military Police Company, 385th Military Police Battalion, conducted active shooter response training at Fort Stewart, Georgia, Aug. 17.

The training allows MPs to rehearse reacting to various scenarios of an active shooter.

"Training was done in four phases -- crawl, walk, run, and test," said Sgt. Mackenzie Myers, an MP with 293rd MP Co.

On day one, they learned how to clear rooms and hallways when searching for an active shooter and what to do if they came across a closed door, said Myers.

They also conducted "glass house training" which allowed them to operate in an open environment.

The duration of training was held in the shoot house with simulated paint rounds to make the training as realistic as possible, said Myers.

"We train as we fight so we always gear up the same as we would if we actually showed up on the scene," she said. "Practicing in full gear and following all the procedures in real-time makes the training feel realistic."

"Short of shooting each other with real bullets, this is the most realistic training that we could come up with to prepare our MPs as much as possible," said 2nd Lt. Alex Reimer, platoon leader, 293rd MP Co.

Reimer added that he and all of the instructors were impressed with the level of proficiency they saw.

Myers said she thought the training was beneficial especially since this was her first experience in a shoot house.

"This training is important stateside because of the world we live in today," Myers said. "There are more and more active shooters out there, not only in schools but in hospitals as well. If there were ever an active shooter on a military installation, we would be prepared."