FORT RILEY, Kan. - The opening of a new child development center April 30, capped a string of events on Fort Riley to celebrate April as the Month of the Military Child.

The morning started off at 8:30 with the Child, Youth and School Services expansion ceremony at Riley's Conference Center. The speaker for the event was M.A. Lucas who spoke about the importance of child care services.

Lucas is the founding director for the United States Army Child and Youth Programs, which is a system of child care and youth supervision options for children between the ages of 4 weeks and 18 years of age.

Lucas told those gathered a story called "For one of the Nail." After finishing the story, she gave each director the story and a jar of nails, which represents the services that are coming to Fort Riley because of the Army Family Covenant.

A ribbon cutting ceremony followed at the newest CDC, Warren East.

The Warren East CDC will offer hourly programs for parents to use when they need to go to the doctor or just need a break, said Adrienana Bartie, CYSS, assistant director. It will offer both the hourly and part-day preschool and pre-kindergarten programs.

With the opening of the Warren East CDC, the hourly program spaces that will available for use are doubling, Bartie said.

"We have a lot of parents who benefit greatly from the hourly program because right now we have one room over in Warren Road that has hourly care, so we have Families who don't necessarily need to have the full-day program," Bartie said.

The cost of the hourly program is based on the total family income and all children must be registered with CYSS to use the program. For more information about the programs offered, call CYSS at 240-2873.