Patriot to Paris
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Patriot to Paris
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Paris - From June 11-15, Delta Battery, 5th Battalion,7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment soldiers showcased the Patriot Launching System to more than 63 countries and 57,056 visitors at the world's largest Eurosatory Trade Show.

The biannual trade show exhibits international land, air-land and homeland defense assets to countries around the world. On May 30 , two soldiers, Sgt. Kevin Outlaw and Spc. Kyle Kerr, made their way to Paris and received a Patriot Launching Station. The system arrived via line haul across international borders for the trade show. 2nd Lt. Jessica Slade, Staff Sgt. Denize Engle, and Staff Sgt. Jessica Colby arrived in Paris on June 8, where all five soldiers proceeded to conduct successful rehearsals in front of a multitude of high-ranked individuals, before the start of the trade show.

During the trade show these Soldiers briefed the U.S. Ambassador to France, the USAREUR Commanding General, the Assistant to the Secretary of the Army, French and American General Officers and other distinguished guests. They demonstrated advanced knowledge of the system and professionalism in every aspect. Not only were they able to highlight the unique aspects of a Patriot Launching Station but they also broadened their own understanding of the Patriot System through interacting with other trade show participants.

Outlaw, a Patriot Launching Station Enhanced Operator and Maintainer said working with United States allies provides soldiers an understanding of air and missile defense on a global scale.

"Being able to observe other countries technology and engage with our foreign allies gave us a unique opportunity to not only increase interoperability but to understand how and why, we as air defenders play a huge part on global defense," Outlaw said.

Delta Battery furthered its mission of building regional solidarity, supporting the enhancement of interoperability and reinforced the United States commitments to its coalition partners by participating in the Eurosatory Trade Show.