DIYALA PROVINCE, Iraq -Col. Raad Kalaf Marzok Al-Fhdawe, incoming commander for the Kirkush Third Line Maintenance Company met with Lt. Col. Norman B. Green, commander of the 304th Sustainment Brigade from Riverside, Calif., during a key leader engagement visit at Kirkush Military Training Base here, April 3.

This KLE was a demonstration of the continued partnership between the Kirkush Regional Maintenance Company and the 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary).

A vital part of the KLE was the Kirkush Logistical Training and Advisory Team. This LTAT has been assisting the Iraqis building their capabilities during maintenance and logistics training.

Raad described the LTAT as "good people, very helpful and that it is necessary for them to act as a unit so that they can be helpful to (us)."

The first class of maintenance operators graduated April 29 and Raad said having a graduation ceremony instilled confidence in the Iraqi Army Soldier and gave them a sense of pride in their diploma.

During the KLE visit, Raad shared the accomplishment of his Soldiers.

He shared with the visiting Coalition Soldiers a video of the Iraqi Soldiers working on humvees, batteries and transmissions.

Since March 2009, six classrooms were built where the students learn maintenance operations. Each classroom displays pictures and charts of engines, transmissions, vehicle batteries and mechanical safety on the walls.

Raad recently assumed command from Col. Mohammed Saleh Mahdy.