FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- The Fort Rucker Intramural Softball season is in full swing as teams are battling it out to find out who will earn the post championship.The 6th Military Police Detachment's La-Z-Boy Sluggers took on the 1st Battalion, 223rd Aviation Regiment Spartans in a game that had both teams swinging for the fences in game featuring four home runs, including a grand slam, but it would be the Sluggers who came out on top, beating their opponents 14-8."We played pretty well today," said Freuris Montero, La-Z-Boy Sluggers team captain. "We made some adjustments and we had the right guys playing the right positions. Our at-bats were on point, so, when your bats are hot, that's when you win games."The Sluggers win gives them a season record of 6-2, so far, but Montero says he's confident that his team has a good chance to take the championship.The game started as the Spartans took to the plate first and got off to a healthy start with multiple base hits to get runners on base until they managed to bring in their first runner to get on the scoreboard first.They continued their string of base hits during their time at bat to bring in more runs to gain a healthy lead in the first inning, but after a strikeout, a pop up to center field and a line drive to the opposing pitcher, their time at the plate ended with them up 4-0.The La-Z-Boy Sluggers got off to a good start with a base hit of their own, followed by a walk to get runners on base. They quickly followed up with a double to bring in their first run in pursuit of their opponents.They continued their string of hits and managed a two-run shot to center field to close the gap, and more walks by the opposing pitcher allowed them to get more runners on base, leading to loaded bases with just one out.With another string of walks by the opposing pitcher, the 6th MP Det. team was able to tie the game with the bases still loaded.Another two-run shot with a line drive to center gave the Sluggers the lead, but they weren't done as they continued to keep the ball on the ground to keep runners on base before their time at the plate ended, leading their opponents, 8-4.The Spartans went into the second inning determined to close the scoring gap against their opponents, but the La-Z-Boy Sluggers' defense held strong and quickly racked up three outs against four batters to send the 1-223rd back into the outfield, scoreless for the inning.The 6th MP team took full advantage of their time at the plate and started off the inning with a base hit to keep up momentum, then followed up with a two-run home run, asserting their dominance early on.They continued to find the gaps in their opponent's defense to get runners on base, but despite the well-placed hits, the 1-223rd's defense tightened up and were able to slow the La-Z-Boy advance.The Spartans had to step up their game if they wanted any chance of catching up, but they had trouble breaking their opponent's defense. They wouldn't' give up, though, and managed a two-run home run of their own to get back in the game, but that's as far as they would advance before heading back into the field, trailing 10-6.The Sluggers took their turn at bat but couldn't seem to keep the ball out of their opponent's hands and quickly racked up three outs to end their first inning scoreless.This was the Spartans' chance to gain on their opponents with their time at the plate, but they weren't able to crack the La-Z-Boys' defense and were sent packing without bringing in a run.The 6th MP team had better luck during their time at bat with two base hits and a walk to load the bases with no outs, which set up Sgt. 1st Class Jerry Adamson, La-Z-Boy Sluggers player, for a grand slam.Adamson took full advantage and sent the ball far over the right field fence, bringing in 4 more runs to take a commanding lead before their time at the plate ended, ahead 14-6.The 1-223rd had their work cut out for them and they managed another two-run homer, but despite their attempts, the La-Z-Boys' defense went to work to halt their advance.Going into the sixth inning, the Spartans had their last chance to turn things around, and although they managed to bring in two runs, the Sluggers' defense held strong and halted their advance, ending the game 14-8.