ARLINGTON, VA. - Sgt. Brent Sixkiller has seen his share of action. Prior to joining the Army, Sixkiller spent six years as a Marine, one of those deployed to Gereshk, Afghanistan. After joining the Army, the infantryman deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan for a year in 2017. During that deployment, Sixkiller suffered life altering injuries.

"I was hit by a vehicle-borne [improvised explosive device] after leaving the new Kabul compound six minutes outside the gate. It hit in the rear of the driver's side of the vehicle and knocked me unconscious."

Sixkiller sustained a traumatic brain injury and injuries to his neck, shoulder, back and knee from the blast. He had to have the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, and his meniscus repaired through surgery.

The injuries wouldn't stop Sixkiller. He began working hard toward getting his active life back while he recovered at the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

"The WTB gives us more than enough time to worry about ourselves; sitting down with other Soldiers with injuries helps too." The WTB also allowed Sixkiller to get back to the two things he knows best, archery and shooting. That's the advice the future law enforcement officer tells his fellow Soldiers, find your "know" and go no matter what.

"Don't stop and don't doubt yourself."

Sixkiller won gold medals in archery and shooting at the 2018 Army Trials in Fort Bliss, Texas, helping to pave his way to represent Team Army at the 2018 Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, Colorado June 1 - 9 where he hopes to add more medals to his collection.

"[Being on Team Army,] that's the greatest sense of pride for me ever… I owe it all to the Army, they gave me an education, took care of my health, and gave me a career…It is an honor, "said Sixkiller."