Standards for Training and Readiness Advisory Group meets 1-3 May

By Ms. Sarah Schwennesen, TMD Strategic CommunicationsApril 26, 2018

Standards for Training Readiness Advisory Group
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The first Standards for Training Readiness Advisory Group (STRAG) will meet from 1-3 May 2018, virtually, from Ft. Leavenworth, to review the tools and procedures the Army uses to measure Training Readiness (TR). The STRAG is composed of representatives from across the Army who work together to ensure TR standards remain aligned. The STRAG is chartered to monitor and review the sufficiency of the tools used by leaders to assess TR for their unit's Training-Level in the Commander's Unit Status Report (USR).

The responsibility of the STRAG is to identify issues associated with the four TR metrics which are comprised of TR proficiencies attained in the unit's Mission Essential Tasks (METs), Weapon Systems, Collective Live-Fire Tasks, and the Days-to-Train to achieve T-1. The STRAG works to ensure TR metrics and associated assessment tools are synchronized with any changes required by Army Senior Leader guidance, force modernization, doctrine updates or new readiness reporting requirements.

Identified issues and the associated recommended solutions are then forwarded to the Operational Portfolio Council of Colonels (CoC) and Training General Officer Steering Committee (TGOSC) who will then adjudicate the recommendations of the STRAG. (Changes to HQDA-approved Standard METLs will now be vetted by the STRAG to determine impacts on TR assessment and reporting).

The STRAG is responsible for recommending any needed changes to the Leader's Guide to Objective Assessment of Training Proficiency or future versions of Department of the Army PAM 350-1 and associated Army TR policy. STRAG meetings will be conducted quarterly, and will provide recommendations from proponents and major commands to HQDA G-3/5/7 through the CoC and TGOSC. The STRAG is not chartered to propose changes to readiness standards, instead, the STRAG considers the tools and processes that measure TR and develops recommendations to address any issues.

The primary STRAG membership includes appointed representatives from each ACOM, ASCC, DRU, U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) and Army National Guard (ARNG) with non-voting advisors from HQDA G-3/5/7 DAMO and all the Centers of Excellence. Training Management Directorate (TMD), CAC-T serves as the STRAG Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) and assists the STRAG membership to ensure that standards remain aligned with the continually evolving capabilities, doctrine, required, systems, and senior leader guidance.

For more information regarding the STRAG and associated areas, visit the attached links/resources. The STRAG Charter can be found on the Army Training Network at the following link under What's Hot.

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