ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- The depot's Logistics Modernization Program will soon release training plans for sustainment training by position.

LMP cadre have reviewed the various positions in LMP and determined, based on job duties and roles, the courses needed for success in LMP for each position.

"We are formatting the courses like college, in a sense," said Kenneth Henderson Jr., a management analyst in the LMP Office.

Once each plan is in the system, supervisors will be able to pull a list of courses for each of their employees who use LMP.

The courses will follow an outline, ensuring employees take pre-requisite courses.

For example, LMP Fundamentals and LMP Navigation, which are required for an employee to have an account in LMP, will be taken before other classes.

As the training schedule progresses, courses follow a pattern to ensure the employee gains the knowledge needed to successfully complete the tasks required in LMP.

The LMP Cadre is able to track the number of employees who need to take each course, assisting them with scheduling of the various classes.

Do you know which courses you need for your role in LMP?

Do you know which course you should take next?

Check with your supervisor to get the list of courses you should take for your role in LMP, then register in the Total Employee Development system.

For additional information about LMP sustainment training, contact the LMP Office at Ext. 5671.