C.C. Pinckney's annual talent show Feb. 21 provided an opportunity for students to showcase their talents on and off the stage.

"I'm the microphone sound guy though I also have a talent in the show…" said Addison Eller, a sixth grader at C.C. Pinckney.

Eller later took the stage to play the piano as his sister sang "Play That Song." Other performances included various solo acts, a magic show, multiple renditions of the "Cup Song" and a dance routine that had the entire auditorium doing the Whip Nae Nae.

Charmaine Pelt, fourth grade teacher and talent show organizer and coordinator, said the students were dedicated and put in the work to have an awesome performance.

"The students practiced twice a week for about four weeks and had two dress rehearsals prior to talent show performance." Pelt said. "It's so amazing, the students get to shine and they take the opportunity and run with it."

Scarlett Johnson and Cydney Ewekay, students at C.C. Pinckney used the talent show as an opportunity to perform together.

"I was really happy about my signing partner because she was a really good partner" Johnson said speaking about Ewekay.

For Ewekay, the feeling was mutual.

"She is my best friend and she is really nice and we've been friends since the first day of school," Ewekay said.

When ask how they felt about their performance Scarlett said, "I thought we sounded great together but she is also a really good singer and in my opinion, we sounded really good and I'm happy she wanted to sing with me."

The talent show isn't just about showing off your talent, said Robert Bunya, School Support Assistant for C.C. Pinckney.

"The talent show lets students have a good time and if they're happy, they're going to be more productive in school because they can see that teaches care about them and that creates a bond between the student and teacher," he said.