ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Fiscal year 2017 was another great success story for the Business Development Team in the Logistics and Business Development Office.

The team's mission is to gain additional workload by developing partnerships with industry. Essentially, they work with industry to develop Public-Private Partnership programs, generating new workload and developing new skills and capabilities for ANAD.

P3s are pursued to capitalize on the strengths of the organic and commercial industrial bases in order to generate a best value program for the customer.

That best value calculation includes production timeliness, which places like-new systems in the hands of warfighters on schedule and directly enables readiness.

The BD Team initiated operations in 1993 and, soon afterward, developed ANAD's first partnership; the M1A1 conversion to A2 with General Dynamics Land Systems.

Since then, they have generated 152 partnerships.

FY17 ended with 35 active partnerships -- 15 in direct sales, 12 in workshare and eight in facilities use -- totaling $282.6 million in revenue.

The continual expansion of the ANAD partnering program demonstrates capability and relevancy for future operations. This positions the ANAD workforce and our partners for expansion into new types of partnerships and expanded capabilities in the future.

The team continues to adapt to the changing partnering environment in order to generate new workload and enable readiness in a partnered environment.

While the "Pit Crew of the American Warfighter" successfully executed active partnering programs, the BD Team developed six new partnerships in FY17 worth $41.1 million.

These new programs included partnerships for gun mount overhauls on Brazilian M109s and M88A2 generator overhaul with BAE-York, M249 machine gun overhaul for Consolidated Nuclear Security (Y12) under the Department of Energy, AGT1500 Egyptian engine repair with Honeywell, and the Stryker Lethality and Refurbishment programs with GDLS.

It was another banner year for providing quality products by way of best value collaborations. It was also another year of expansion beyond Department of Defense to partner skill sustaining workload.

The BD Team developed and reenergized relationships to enable potential public partnership opportunities for the future.

They developed forty-six new opportunities in a pursuit of FY18 and out-year partnerships that will enable readiness for the warfighter while sustaining ANAD's skill set.

ANAD's Business Development Team has been highly successful since its inception in 1993 and they will continue to lead the Army Materiel Command in partnering with industry.