One of the lesser known opportunities may be one of the most rewarding for reservists looking to serve in an overseas assignment.The Army Reserves has continually supported the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command's Ministry of Interior-Military Assistance Group by providing qualified personnel for deployments to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Organized in 2008, MOI-MAG's mission is to train, advise and equip the Kingdom in the areas of critical infrastructure protection, public security and technical assistance. To accomplish its mission, MOI-MAG integrates diverse skill sets offered by active duty Army, Reserves and civilian contractors.Ongoing personnel requirements include both officers and NCOs. Qualified NCOs typically serve as instructors and have a background in Aviation, Special Operations, Infantry, Armor and Supply, but other opportunities are available.Although the work at MOI-MAG will be challenging and time consuming, there are many benefits to the assignment.Maj. Christopher Steighner served as the G-3/5/7 and recently returned from a 15-month deployment with MOI-MAG."This assignment was unique compared to my time in Iraq and Afghanistan in that we work with an able and well-resourced partner who has sought us out," he said. "I would advise any Soldier seeking a challenging, but rewarding broadening assignment to apply for a position within MOI-MAG."In addition to experiencing the country's rich and hospitable culture, recreation such as fishing and scuba diving in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf are available. Soldiers will also have access to religious and legal services, PX, commissary, athletic fields, a movie theater and furnished housing.Steighner speaks highly of the living conditions while in the Kingdom."The unit leadership is committed to providing the highest quality of life possible for Soldiers assigned to MOI-MAG," he said. "Soldiers are provided furnished private quarters, transportation and Internet."While assigned to the organization, reservists will receive pay and benefits typically associated with a mobilization - active duty pay for the grade held, BAH/BAS, Overseas Cost of Living Allowance, Hazardous Duty Pay - location, Family Separation Allowance, federal tax exemption and full medical and dental coverage. Tours are unaccompanied and considered ADOS under Title 10, U.S.C. 12301(d).Interested reservists should visit to apply for open positions. Additional information about the organization can be found at