CHISINAU, Moldova- Leaders from the 16th Special Troops Battalion, 16th Sustainment Brigade provided training on fundamental logistical staff processes and procedures to senior logisticians from the Moldovan armed forces, Aug. 14-17.The training focused on enhancing the Moldovan logistical staff's ability to plan, prepare, and sustain wide-scale logistics operations for an extended period of time. This type of training is critical in enhancing partner capability to forecast and manage sustainment requirements for its maneuver formations, which in turn extends operational reach and enables prolonged endurance. The training was conducted as part of the United States European Command's wider Military-to-Military Partnership Program designed to enhance allied and partner capacity and build the capabilities of the host nations. The initiative builds interoperability between the United States and partner nations with a focus on developing relationships with key national enablers as well as developing their combat effectiveness."Events like this are critical enablers of partnerships," stated Lt. Col. Brian Ketz, commander of the 16th STB, "by teaching fundamental logistics concepts to a partner nation, we not only enhance their capabilities and extend their operational reach, but also build key relationships with national leaders that we can leverage in the future. These events are big wins for both us and the host nation." The 16th STB provided the Moldovan logisticians with key training in forecasting requirements across multiple classes of supply, planning route requirements for convoys, and leveling their logistics formations across the battlefield. The training then culminated with developing a concept of sustainment support for a notional operation. Lt. Col. Dmitri Sark, Deputy G-4 of the Moldovan Army praised the effectiveness of the 16th STBs training in building their logistics capacity at all levels."I observed that my Soldiers were interested in receiving the information provided by the American logisticians and in taking that back to their units," said Sark. "We expect that this new expertise will filter to all Soldiers in our Army and make us successful in planning for logistics operations." The 16th STB will continue similar engagements with partner nations in the future, which will further bolster a Strong Europe.