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Q: As the Garrison Commander what role do you have regards to Environmental Protection and Enhancement?

A: I ensure that our Base Support activities supports military training and readiness operations, enhances mission accomplishment, and are conducted in a manner to promote good environmental stewardship. I ensure environmental considerations are incorporated into installation plans, to include our installation strategic plans. Installation strategic planning incorporates the concepts and philosophy of sustainability, the ultimate objective in strategic planning, and must be applied to and supported by all functional areas across the Garrison.

Q: How can you help?

A: We're committed to environmental stewardship in all actions as an integral part of the mission and to ensure sustainability. Part of my responsibility is to foster an ethic that takes us beyond environmental compliance to sustainability and hopefully create a culture of sustainability. We're strengthening our operational capabilities by reducing our environmental footprint through more sustainable practices. Minimizing impacts and total ownership cost of systems, material, facilities, and operations by integrating the principles and practices of sustainability. Leadership in sustainability enhances the well-being of our soldiers, civilians, families, neighbors, and communities. We do our best to use innovative technology and the principles of sustainability to meet user needs and anticipate future challenges. I also need to do the best we can to provide resources and ensure that we have an efficient and well-trained environmental staff.

We have an established Environmental Quality Control Committee, which I chair. It's comprised of members representing the various Directorates, units and tenants. The EQCC meets quarterly and helps to plan, execute, and monitor actions and programs with environmental implications. This committee will identify issues and provide me with recommendations that help aid me with making appropriate decisions.

Our Green Neighbor Initiative is our community outreach program between the garrison and local community that was established to build positive long term relationship with current and future generations of Koreans and foster the fact that we are a 21st century Army that is a good steward of the environment in which it lives and works.

Using the Public Affairs Office and the USAG Daegu Facebook website are other ways in which helps us to spread the word for environmental related events happening around the Garrison and communities, as well as continuing to bring environmental awareness across the Garrison.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to the community to know?

A: Our Environmental Division has made tremendous strides in promoting environmental awareness across the Garrison. We've had many successes in the areas of hazardous waste minimization, solid waste diversion, and recycling. All of which has saved us millions of dollars in disposal or cost avoidance. I would ask that our community continue to be great stewards of the environment and help us "Make a Difference"