KUWAIT CITY -- Brig. Gen. John Epperly, 29th Infantry Division deputy commander, presented Maj. Gen. Khaled Saleh Al-Sabah, Kuwaiti Land Forces commander, with a medal symbolizing his induction into the Order of St. Maurice, June 19, 2017, at the Kuwait Land Forces Headquarters. Maj. Gen Khaled Saleh Al-Sabah graciously accepted the distinction.The Order of Saint Maurice is bestowed by the National Infantry Association in one of five levels. A nominee for induction into the order must have served the Infantry community with distinction; must have demonstrated a significant contribution in support of the Infantry; and must represent the highest standards of integrity, moral character, professional competence, and dedication to duty."The Order of Saint Maurice is a great honor for an officer. It speaks volumes about Maj. Gen. Khaled and I look forward to working with him," said incoming Task Force Spartan deputy commander Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Van of the 35th Infantry Division.Four of the order's levels are restricted to U.S recipients; the Peregrinus level, however, may be awarded to foreign military personnel who have served in or supported the U.S. Army Infantry.Epperly explained that the Order of Saint Maurice recognizes significant contributions to the Infantry branch over a protracted period. After being nominated by the 29th Infantry Division command, Maj. Gen. Khaled was determined by the association to be worthy of this special recognition.Epperly said it's a rare honor to be able to recognize an officer from a partner nation. He explained that Maj. Gen. Khaled has led a storied career that included fighting in the Free Kuwait Forces following the Iraqi Invasion in 1990. Epperly remarked that it was a privilege to honor a lifetime of military achievement by one of our closest friends."Maj. Gen. Khaled Saleh Al-Sabah is a highly consequential and influential leader in the security of the Arabian Gulf region," said Epperly. "Additionally, he's been a fantastic partner to the United States Army." Based on his illustrious career and remarkable future potential, Epperly said that welcoming him into the Order of Saint Maurice was the right way to recognize his contributions to Kuwaiti, American and regional security. Khaled happily accepted the recognition and expressed his sincere appreciation."He was unquestionably proud and excited to receive the honor," Epperly said. "As with all Infantrymen, Maj. Gen. Al-Sabah indicated this was one of the proudest achievements of his military career."