The 1st Cavalry Division, Resolute Support Sustainment Brigade transferred authority of the Combined Joint Operations Area- Afghanistan sustainment mission in Bagram, Afghanistan to the 1st Armored Division, Resolute Support Sustainment Brigade during a ceremony May 29 at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.

Maj. Gen. Flem "Donnie" Walker, commanding general of the 1st Sustainment Command (Theater), presided over the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Col. Christopher Colavita, commander of the 1st CD RSSB, and Command Sgt. Maj. Jill Crosby cased their colors, signifying the end of the unit's mission in Afghanistan. Col. Michael Lalor, commander of 1st AD RSSB, and Command Sgt. Maj. Sean Howard uncased their colors, signifying the transfer of authority and marking the 1st AD RSSB's arrival and assumption of a leadership in support of the Resolute Support mission.

During their tenure, 1st CD RSSB operated three forward logistics bases and seven forward logistics elements across ten enduring forward operating bases throughout the theater of operations.

As the only sustainment brigade in this theater, 1st CD RSSB provided oversight for all classes of supply. The team supported 24 locations with dry and frozen rations as well as bottled water--the first unit to do so since 2013. Additionally, they created an expeditionary sustainment capability that has facilitated a new partnership with Combined Security Transition Command and provided a train, advise and assist presence at the national and regional level.

The timing of this ceremony, on Memorial Day, holds special significance to the 1st CD RSSB. On Nov. 12, 2016, two of the unit's Soldiers were killed in Action--Staff Sgt. John Perry and Private 1st Class Tyler Lubelt; along with two civilian contractors from FLUOR--Col. (R) Jerry Reeves Jr. and Mr. Peter Provost. Colavita was also wounded in the attack. During another attack on Dec. 6, Sgt. 1st Class Allen Brown was killed and eight other Soldiers were seriously injured. In all, 24 Purple Heart Medals have been awarded as a result of four separate attacks against the 1st CD RSSB.

"Wagonmasters, you have endured great loss and I salute you as you head home to your Families," Walker said. "Even in the face of adversity your team was still able to Soldier-on, making countless contributions and accomplishing great things during this deployment."

Transferring this mission to the 1st AD RSSB, Walker remains confident they will continue to provide the best support across Afghanistan.

"While the faces and unit patches may be different, I know that the shared commitment to excellence with our Afghan partners will remain the same," said Walker.

In closing, Walker told the Soldiers of the 1st AD RSSB they couldn't go wrong if they always remember and adhere to the 1st TSC watchwords.

"Stay focused, enforce standards, and to always be disciplined in the execution of all operations and missions," Walker said.