ROSE BARRACKS, Germany -- Memorial Day is the day many people visit cemeteries and memorials to honor those who have died in military service. For the 2d Cavalry Regiment, it's a day to remember and honor its own fallen Troops.Gathered at the Operation Iraqi Freedom Memorial on Rose Barracks, Soldiers honored the names etched in the stone structure as well as the unwritten memories in their hearts during a memorial ceremony on May 30, 2017.Though Memorial Day is the day set out to pay special tribute to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice, many dates during the year are marked with the same observance among Troops."22 April, 6 October, 12 May," said Col. Patrick Ellis, 79th Colonel of the Regiment. "Like many of you here, I have unfortunate anniversaries that don't necessarily mean much to those of us outside the units, but these days never pass us by without remembering those fallen -- to afford them the opportunity to recognize their sacrifice."As Troopers across the Regiment stood in the heat of a mid-day sun displaying the Regimental colors, a floral wreath was presented at the center of the monument in keeping with military traditions."Being present for this event, and many others around the world, symbolically ties us together as a military and as a nation who will never forget those that have died in their service," said Ellis.